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    ‘Inside Out 2’ Beats ‘Dune 2’ To Become Highest-Grossing Release Of 2024 In North America

    ‘Inside Out 2 is back after almost nine years since the last movie and Pixar has done it again. Teenagers and even adults who struggle with self-identity, anxiety, and other mental health issues, relate to the movie. People went in large numbers to watch the film since its release.

    With many people relating to the emotions presented in the movie, ‘Inside Out 2′ crossed ‘Dune 2’ and became the highest-grossing release of 2024 in North America.

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    ‘Inside Out 2’ Smashes ‘Dune 2’ With First-Day Box Office Earnings

    'Dune 2' defeated by 'Inside Out 2'
    ‘Dune 2’ defeated by ‘Inside Out 2’

    Disney and Pixar’s ‘Inside Out 2’ still have the same excited fanbase since 2015. The sequel dominates the box office in its second weekend. The Emotional Motion Pictures added  $30.5 million this Friday and made a domestic earning of $285.7 million.

    Surprisingly the whole amount is enough to surpass ‘Dune: Part 2′ which earned $282 million and became the highest-grossing movie in North America and that too after eight days of release.

    Furthermore, the movie also beats the record for the biggest second week ever for an animated film. The record was earlier maintained by ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’, with earnings of $92.3 million. Apart from all this, the movie is special for both Disney and Pixar as it is a summer box office hit after underperforming movies.

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    Why You Should Watch ‘Inside Out 2’

    ‘Inside Out 2’ still

    ‘Inside Out‘ was an experience that was relatable to a lot of people. It deals with basic emotions in mind and how they control our day-to-day actions. The story deals with a girl named Riley. ‘Inside Out 2’ continues Riley’s story from the point where she hits puberty.

    It focuses on the emotions and mood swings an individual goes through during adolescence. Moreover, a new kind of emotion which was anxiety was also introduced that mostly governed Riley’s major emotions. She dissociated herself from her old memories and wanted to create a new self. She wanted to look cooler and adjust to her new classmates. And the idea of being rejected made her more panicky, hence she used to pretend.

    The movie might be relatable to all the teenagers who have gone through this phase but it also teaches us something. Riley’s anxiety and the fear of being rejected made her more concerned about the other people in the world, and she started to embody things that she wasn’t. She used to think how everything might possibly go wrong in her life. Like all Disney movies, everything works out well in the end, but we should also take the lesson of being our authentic self, and eventfully everything works out in the end.

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