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    Timothée Chalamet’s ‘Dune 2’ Becomes A Box Office Hit Breaking The Record Of ‘The Dark Knight’ Which Inspired Him To Be An Actor

    Timothée Chalamet is what you can call a lucky charm with talent in loads. The actor who started his career in low-budget indie films is now breaking the records of the movies he grew up watching. ‘Dune 2‘ undoubtedly had been one of the most anticipated movies of the year and it came to serve.

    Timothée has made it on the list of Hollywood’s most talented stars, at the age of just 28. The actor who is currently dating Kylie Jenner got his breakthrough career moment in 2017’s ‘Call Me By Your Name’. The movie earned him nominations for big honors at SAG, Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice and even at the Oscars. 

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    ‘Dune 2’ Hits Box Office Gold

    Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya (Image: Dune: Part Two)
    Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya (Image: Dune: Part Two)

    Dune: Part Two’ has not only met but also surpassed expectations of success. The sci-fi epic based on Frank Herbert’s novels, broke the records previously held by legendary films like ‘The Dark Knight,’ and ‘The Godfather 2.’ The Denis Villeneuve-directed masterpiece now stands as the third-highest second-installment film in Rotten Tomatoes history.

    With a star-studded cast consisting of Florence Pugh, Zendaya, Anya Taylor Joy, Austin Bulter and Timothe Chalamet, it’s no surprise that records are being shattered. The film’s captivating narrative unfolds in the dynamic world of Paul Atreides, portrayed by Chalamet. As our hero discovers his life’s purpose on the foreign planet, his journey not only captured hearts but also shattered records on its very first day.

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    ‘The Dark Knight’ Legacy: The Movie That Made Timothée Chalamet Pursue Acting

    Timothée Chalamet (Image: Warner Bros)
    Timothée Chalamet (Image: Warner Bros)

    Timothée Chalamet’s ascent to Hollywood stardom had an origin and he just broke the record of that origin with ‘Dune 2‘. The Christopher Nolan-directed superhero story ‘The Dark Knight’ was the movie that inspired little Timmy to pursue acting. The first calling Chalamet felt was to become a rapper and videos of a teenage Timothee will have you believe that he could have a career there as well. 

    Even though the ‘Willy Wonka’ star has sworn off doing superhero movies on the advice of ‘Wolf Of The Wall Street’ boy Leonardo DiCaprio he won’t pass it if the gig is right. In an interview with The New York Times, the ‘Lady Bird’ actor shared, “Well, Leonardo DiCaprio said to me, ‘No superhero movies, no hard drugs.’ Which I thought was very good. I follow them both! But the movie that made me want to act is a superhero movie, The Dark Knight. If the script was great, if the director was great, I’d have to consider it.”

    As ‘Dune 2’ continues to rewrite records, it’s clear that Chalamet’s star power is soaring high at the moment.

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