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    Kristen Stewart Promises Violent Directorial Debut Featuring ‘Incest And Periods’, Warns Fans About Movie Being Hard To Watch

    Kristen Stewart known for her roles in ‘Love Lies Bleeding‘ and Twilight’ is all set to make her directorial debut in her movie ‘Incest And Periods. The movie is an adaptation of Lidia Yuknavitch’s 2011 memoir, ‘The Chronology of Water’.

    As the name suggests, the movie is filled with some scenes that could be disturbing for viewers and contain blood. Stewart called the movie a ‘raw exploration’ of incest and mensuration.

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    “It’s About Incest And Periods And A Woman Violently Repossessing Her Voice And Body”: Kristen Stewart About The Movie

    Kristen Stewart for Love Lies Bleeding (Image Via First Curiosity)
    Kristen Stewart for Love Lies Bleeding (Image Via First Curiosity)

    Speaking with PORTER for a new cover interview, Stewart talked about how her movie is violently repressing and thrilling. It could be a hard watch for people who don’t like such concepts. She said it “is about incest and periods and a woman violently repossessing her voice and body, and it is, at times, hard to watch … but it’s gonna be a f—ing thrill ride.”

    Moreover, the movie focuses on corporeal experience radically with impulsive acts. Kristen Stewart also talked about how people only like to watch the traditional movies related to Jesus, and dogs rather than movies with such concepts. 

    The ‘Love Lies Bleeding‘ actress said, “I think people would want to see that, but then … I think maybe people wanna watch movies about, like, Jesus and dogs.” The unusual movie focuses on concepts like gender-violence, and the family point of view of a swimmer turned artist.

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    “As An Actor, I’m Called Upon To Serve Other People’s Visions”: Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart (Image via First Curiosity)
    Kristen Stewart (Image via First Curiosity)

    The movie is based on a young woman who discovers her sexuality and has an attraction to both males and females. She emerges as a writer navigating a journey of self-destruction, addiction, and then survival with love and motherhood.

    Stewart said, “It’s kind of a self-conscious thing to talk about because it’s hard to get anything made.” She continues, “As an actor, I’m called upon to serve other people’s visions,” she also said, of the difference between being in front of the camera and behind. “You get greedy; it feels good to be called upon … even if you don’t love the thing.”

    The actress further talked about enhancing her experience to attain good results. She said, “I think it’s nice that, as I’ve gotten older, I would much prefer to tailor my experiences to result-oriented goals, versus, just, ‘This is gonna feel good for me right now”. 

    Stewart is playing the role of a gym manager from the 1980s in ‘Love Lies Bleeding‘ who falls in love with a bodybuilder (played by Katy O’Brian). The pair then explores and gets tangled in crimes while testing their love and commitment to each other. The movie is already released on 8th March 2024.

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