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    Lena Dunham Quits ‘Polly Pocket’ Movie Despite Working On The Script For 3 Years Because Of Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’

    After the success of Barbie, Mattel is looking to create a sort of cinematic universe of its own. Apart from already planning a sequel to the Greta Gerwig movie, Mattel has other plans in mind as well. One such project is ‘Polly Pocket’

    The ‘Polly Pocket’ live-action movie is being fronted by Lily Collins. And ‘Girls’ star Lena Dunham was in the director’s chair until now. In a recent interview, Dunham confirmed that she has exited from the movie and is no longer directing it. 

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    Why Did Lena Dunham Pull Out Of ‘Polly Pocket’?

    Lena Dunham and Greta Gerwig
    Lena Dunham and Greta Gerwig

    In an interview with ‘The New Yorker’, Lena Dunham revealed that she has pulled out of the Mattel movie mostly because of Greta Gerwig. She revealed that she feels she lacks Greta Gerwig’s distinct and unique style of making a movie. 

    I’m not going to make the Polly Pocket movie,” Dunham said. “I wrote a script, and I was working on it for three years.” She continued, “But I remember someone once said to me about Nancy Meyers: the thing that’s the most amazing about her is that the movie she makes or the movie she would be making with or without a studio, with or without notes — that somehow her taste manages to intersect perfectly with what the world wants.” She is referring to ‘The Intern’ director Nancy Meyers here. 

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    Lena Dunham Feels Anyone Can Make ‘Polly Pocket’ 

    Lena Dunham
    Lena Dunham

    In the interview, Lena Dunham also talked about her mentor Nora Ephron. When talking about Nancy Meyers, Dunham said, “What a f—ing gift that is.” She then talks about getting inspiration from her mentor Ephron.

    Dunham continued, “And Nora Ephron, too, who was such a mentor to me, but always said, ‘Go be weird. Don’t kowtow to anyone.’” She explained, “And I think Greta managed this incredible feat [with Barbie], which was to make this thing that was literally candy to so many different kinds of people and was perfectly and divinely Greta.”

    Dunham further explained, “I don’t think I have that in me. I feel like the next movie I make needs to feel like a movie that I absolutely have to make.” She added, “No one but me could make it. And I did think other people could make Polly Pocket.”

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