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    “So He Got Away With The Slap”: ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die’ Opens With A $56M+ Weekend And Internet Is Giving Mixed Reactions To It

    Will Smith is back on the big screen after his Oscars slap incident. The actor recently made a comeback through Bad Boys: Ride Or Die’ with Martin Lawrence. The movie is the fourth installment of the ‘Bad Boys‘ franchise and everyone expected it to be better like the past movies. But it didn’t work that way.

    The movie is receiving mixed reviews from both fans and critics. Some people are even pointing out Will Smith’s slap incident as well and the ratings from the critics don’t seem to be pleasing.

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    Did People Really Forget Will Smith’s Slap Incident?

    Martin Lawrence and Will Smith
    Martin Lawrence and Will Smith

    Will Smith lost many projects due to his slap incident and the ‘Bad Boys’ movie could be his make-or-break project right now. ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die‘ makes its debut with a 66% Critics Rating and an impressive 98% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. While comparing the the movie to 2020 ‘Bad Boys’, Will Smith’s feature film performed underwhelming according to the critics.

    Moreover, there has been a notable difference between the critical review and the audience’s reaction. ‘Bad Boys For Life’ was appreciated by the critics but this time fans and critics differed in their opinions. Fans seem to be impressed with the movie and took over to X to share their reviews. Critics claim that the action scenes and plot are highly nonsensical.

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    ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die Receives Mixed Reactions On X

    Will Smith and Martin Lawrence
    Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

    The movie is like a boat in a drowning sea for Will Smith. He had a great past about his performance in the film industry but one incident changed his life. This project is important to him and fans are urging people to not believe in the critic’s bad reviews.

    People took to X (Twitter) to share their reviews of the movie and most of them were positive as compared to the critics’ ratings.

    People seemed genuinely impressed by the movie. It seems they have moved over the slapping incident and are appreciating the movie with a clear mind. Nobody cares about the incident now, as Will Smith is a great actor and shall work harder on his morals and skills.

    Bad Boys For Life’ earned over $426 million making it the highest-grossing film in the franchise. ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die‘ was released recently with a budget of over $100 million, so it would be interesting to see how much the movie brings in with all the controversies surrounding it.

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