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    Will Smith Picks The Best Movie Of His Career

    Will Smith has had a tremendously successful career that has lasted more than three decades, earning him a notable position in the industry as one of the finest actors. From his range of action-packed thriller films to a role in Disney as Aladdin’s genie, Smith sure has explored genres and has rocked every single one.

    However, Smith himself has a favorite film picked out when he was asked about his best work to date. Here’s which film Smith has continued to hold close years after its making and why.

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    Will Smith Calls ‘Pursuit Of Happyness’ The Best Film Of His Career

    Will Smith in Pursuit of Happyness
    ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ still

    If Will Smith had to pick out a favorite from his diverse filmography, the actor said it would be the film that went down in history as one of the best biographical films ever made; ‘Pursuit Of Happyness‘.

    Speaking about the film while on an episode of Hot Ones, Smith said, “I think the best individual movie, all around, that I’ve ever made is The Pursuit of Happyness.” Adding, “Right behind that is the first Men In Black. The direction, cinematography and music.” When asked about which one he had the most fun making he said, “I think among them the most fun I’ve ever had making a movie is, like, Bad Boys and Aladdin, like, just the most, the most fun… If I had to put four of them in a time capsule it would be The Pursuit of Happyness, the first Men In Black, I Am Legend, and probably King Richard.”

    It makes complete sense for Smith to hail the film as one of his best as it brought him an Academy Award nomination for ‘Best Actor.’ Starring alongside his son Jaden, Smith plays stockbroker Chris Gardner, a former homeless salesman in San Francisco who now owns a brokerage and business.

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    Will Smith’s Latest Cinematic Endeavor

    Martin Lawrence and Will Smith
    ‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die’ still

    Smith’s latest cinematic endeavor is the fourth installment of the ‘Bad Boys‘ series, which was a highly awaited addition to the trilogy and is now being applauded by audiences worldwide. Starring alongside Martin Lawrence, the action-packed thriller film sees Smith’s return to the franchise.

    Since the release of the first film in the series, ‘Bad Boys‘, in 1995, approximately $820 million has been made at the box office. ‘Ride or Die‘ is currently playing in theatres and will debut on June 7 in American theatres.

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