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    ‘Top Gun 3’: Cast, Plot And Release Date Of Tom Cruise’s Hit Franchise

    Tom Cruise has signed a non-exclusive deal with Warner Bros, and excitement in Hollywood is growing as news emerges about the production of ‘Top Gun 3‘ at Paramount. Despite Cruise’s new deal with Warner Bros, Paramount is committed to continuing the Maverick saga. 

    Written by the sequel’s co-writer Ehren Kruger, ‘Top Gun 3′ is set to continue the legendary story of Maverick and fans are excited to know what is in store for America’s greatest pilot turned mentor.

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    Reunion In The Danger Zone: Cruise, Teller, And Powell Return

    Top Gun 3 cast
    Top Gun 3 cast

    Tom Cruise’s partnership with Paramount remains to be intact after several rumors of a rift. With the shooting of the final ‘Mission Impossible’ underway, Paramount and Cruise are set to work together for ‘Top Gun 3′ as well. The sequel of the franchise tells the story of Maverick in his later years as he takes the role of a mentor for young pilots.

    Cruise’s ability to handle multiple projects at once is nothing new for the fans and it remains a testament to the actor’s unwavering commitment to his craft.

    Cast: Who Could Return For ‘Top Gun 3’?

    A still from the movie Top Gun
    A still from the movie ‘Top Gun’

    Tom Cruise’s return as Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell is a foregone conclusion, but the supporting cast offers exciting possibilities. Given the dynamics created in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, Miles Teller’s Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw might play a bigger role.

    Jennifer Connelly’s Penny is also expected to make a return in the third installment after her role in the sequel. Glen Powell will be expected to reprise his role as Hangman in the movie as well. With the success of the second film, the third installment in the franchise could be a sure-shot blockbuster as well.

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    Plot: Into The Wild Blue Yonder Again?

    Top Gun 3
    Top Gun 3

    With ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ exploring the relationship between Maverick and Miles Teller, the third installment will be expected to further build upon the same. With no plot confirmed as of yet, fans could be in for a thriller movie with another mission at hand for America’s best pilots. 

    However, as has been the case with the previous films, a plot twist will surely await the fans in ‘Top Gun 3′. Fans will be keen on sticking out to see what builds and further progresses Maverick’s story.

    ‘Top Gun 3’ Release Date

    Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise

    Top Gun: Maverick‘ is Tom Cruise’s most successful film, grossing a whopping $1.49 billion worldwide. The film won an Oscar for Best Sound and had six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture.

    With no release date announced yet, fans are eagerly waiting for the mega film to drop in theatres as they lie in wait to see what is in store for Maverick and his brilliant story.

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