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    Was Dumbledore’s Decision To Reject Petunia’s Request To Join Hogwarts In ‘Harry Potter’ Harsh?

    It has been almost three decades since J. K. Rowling released the first book from her wizardry adventurous collections, titled ‘Harry Potter’. The books received a thrilling response, and then Chris Columbus decided to adapt ‘Philospher’s Stone’ for a motion picture, which launched the careers of Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe.

    After 23 years since the first movie was released, a Harry Potter fandom has been formed along with the literature fanatics. In these years, many opinions have been formed and changed. Be it Professor Snape’s reality that fans came to know in the final installments or Aunt Petunia’s jealousy towards Harry Potter because of Dumbledore as he rejected her request to become a witch, which may have come across as harsh for some fans,.

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    Was Dumbledore’s Rejection To Petunia’s Wish To Become A Witch In ‘Harry Potter’ Valid?

    Aunt Petunia despised Harry Potter for getting rejected by Dumbledore
    Aunt Petunia despised Harry Potter for getting rejected by Dumbledore

    Throughout the literature and films, we came to know how the characters were gray in nature. Their actions might be contentious, but the end result was safeguarding the world, Harry Potter, and Hogwarts. However, there were some outrightly bad characters whose later actions, however pure, never let the fans love them.

    One of them was the Muggle, Aunt Petunia. She was given the responsibility to protect and fend for Harry after the deaths of James and her sister Lily. However, Petunia and Vernon do not treat Harry as their own, as Petunia holds a grudge against Albus Dumbledore for not letting her learn witchcraft like her sister.

    Petunia, like her parents, is a Muggle. However, her sister, Lily, was endowed with the gift of witchcraft. So she gets accepted into Hogwarts. Petunia also writes a letter to Albus Dumbledore, requesting that he let her join the institute.

    However, Dumbledore denies her request. Lily Evans gets hold of the letter as she witnesses Severus Snape’s memories. We get to see this in a deleted scene from ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’, where Fiona Shaw’s character admits losing her sister to the dark arts. Despite her resentment for Harry and Lily, she goes against her husband to let Harry stay with them instead of sending him to an orphanage.

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    Fiona Shaw Talks About How Playing Petunia Impacted Her Life

    Fiona Shaw
    Fiona Shaw

    After a long stint of playing Petunia Dursley, Fiona Shaw is coming on her own with other roles in films, and she has also been active in theater. During an interview, Fiona Shaw talked about how her role in ‘Harry Potter’ impacted her personal life.

    Fiona Shaw said, “Lots of kids approach me and can’t quite believe they can touch the person in the book and the film; it’s really very sweet. Other than that, my life is just a life and better than most celebrities in that I get to exist under the radar but still get invited to nice things.”

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