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    Where To Stream ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’?

    ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ is still running strong in the theatres. The fourth film in the Thor franchise met with mostly mixed reviews but ended up becoming a commercial success. It is currently one of the highest-grossing films of 2022. ‘Love and Thunder’, is a part of phase four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). 

    Directed by Taika Waititi, the film stars Chris Hemsworth, along with Natalie Portman, Rusell Crowe, and Christain Bale. The performances, particularly of Bale as the antagonist was well received. Now, the film will be released on a streaming platform next month. Find out the details.

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    ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ Will Be Available On Streaming

    A still from 'Thor: Love and Thunder'
    A still from ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

    Thor: Love and Thunder‘ has had a successful run at the box office. The MCU film is soon going to be available on streamings for the viewers. This comes when its theatrical run is about to end after a successful nearly a month and a half run.

    The Taika Waititi directorial venture is going to start streaming on Disney+ from September 8. This means that fans will now be able to enjoy the film in the comfort of their homes.

    The sixth highest grossing film of 2022, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘ hasn’t been critically well received, unlike its predecessor.

    Several critics felt that the humor seemed out of place and there was a tonal inconsistency. The criticism was also directed towards the lackluster screenplay. However, Bale and all the leading actors’ performances were praised.

    The Film Performed Well Despite Bad Reviews

    Jane Foster and Thor
    Jane Foster and Thor

    The franchise is well aware of receiving bad reviews. The second film in the series, ‘Thor: The Dark World’ had also experienced poor critical response.

    As per the current reviews, the 2022 film has become the worst-ratedThor‘ film on Rotten Tomatoes. It is currently at 65 percent critic approval on the Tomatometer.

    The percentage refers that 65 percent of critics gave the film a positive score, which is slightly less than ‘Thor: The Dark World‘ which had a score of 66%.

    On the other hand, ‘Thor’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok‘ held high scores of 77 and 93 percent, respectively. But despite this, the film has been able to mint well at the box office. It has grossed around $737.1 million at the box office.

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