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    Why Jennifer Lawrence’s Comeback As Katniss Everdeen In ‘The Hunger Games 5’ Needs To Be A Carefully Made Decision

    Fans of ‘The Hunger Gamesare excited about the prospect of a fifth part in the franchise. Based on Suzanne Collins’ novels, the dystopian film series has gained a massive fan following. The movies showcase a gripping story narrative with power, war, and resilience in the focus. The main character of the show, Katniss Everdeen, has been played by Jennifer Lawrence.

    Even though ‘The Hunger Games‘ universe has dared to expand without Everdeen, the fans are heavy with anticipation of her return in the fifth part. While the heart of the saga lies in Everdeen’s character, the fans of the franchise are clearly attached to the character emotionally. This is what puts the filmmakers in a dilemma — whether or not to put back her character in the arena full of dangers and threat to her life.

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    What Role Would Katniss Everdeen Assume In ‘Hunger Games 5’?

    Jennifer Lawrence in 'The Hunger Games' (Image: Getty)
    Jennifer Lawrence in ‘The Hunger Games’ (Image: Getty)

    Katniss Everdeen’s character in ‘The Hunger Games‘, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is the core of the film’s narrative. While the film revolves around a dystopian televised show where the participants fight for life, Lawrence’s character gets established as that of a brave and intelligent female protagonist in the very first part of the film series.

    So far, there are four films made as part of the series, with a fifth one being anticipated. In all four parts, Katniss has been subjected to a cutthroat competition in a dystopian game born from power gone to wrong hands. Her character has struggled and shown resilience throughout all four parts to survive, both emotionally and physically.

    Now, to introduce her back into the narrative for a potential fifth film puts the filmmakers in a complex dilemma — in what capacity should she feature in the film? It remains a question whether or not they should subject Everdeen to the same challenges that she has overcome already in the past films.

    Placing her in a leading role would also contradict the established storyline. There is no story element that can be molded for Everdeen to be introduced back as the lead in the story. The question becomes even more crucial as Katniss is now a mother with a child to look after. Putting her in the dangerous arena in such situation would seem simply cruel and an attempt to unnecessarily stretch her character’s story arc.

    So the other option is to put her in a secondary role. But that also could backfire as a diminished role would mean taking the risk of disappointing fans who have come to associate her with the franchise’s core.

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    Would Jennifer Lawrence’s Character Completely Removed From ‘The Hunger Games 5’?

    Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in 'The Hunger Games' (Image: Getty)
    Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in ‘The Hunger Games’ (Image: Getty)

    Another potential solution that remains is not bringing Jennifer Lawrence back at all. While some viewers may feel disappointed, this could be a good gamble for the film to not lose its core value among the audience. Another feasible strategic move for a fifth ‘Hunger Games movie would be to explore a different timeline which would either focus on the past or the future.

    Although Jennifer Lawrence has been completely removed from ‘The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes’, the movie was a success because it was set in a completely different timeline. The viewers were able to make parallels to Katniss without having her in the film. This, however, would not be the case in the fifth part of the film.

    All in all, ‘The Hunger Games 5′ needs to be extremely conscious about how it brings back any of the existing characters, especially Katniss.  The challenge here chiefly lies in respecting Katniss’s journey and not attempting an ill-fitted return that would potentially ruin the film’s essence.

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