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Did Jennifer Lawrence Just Get Plastic Surgery?

The toxic beauty standards in Hollywood keep on changing, and along with the changes in the beauty standards we see changes in the celebrities’ faces who do their best to look better each day. And this time, it seems Jennifer Lawrence is the newest victim of these toxic beauty standards.

In new photos, Lawrence looks drastically different which has led fans to wonder if she has had new work done on her face. Read on to know more.

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Jennifer Lawrence Plastic Surgery Controversy

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos of Jennifer Lawrence at the Dior Fashion Show were recently posted. She sported a white shirt and looked absolutely stunning. Fans, however, pointed out in the comments how different she looks. This raised questions if she has indeed, done cosmetic surgeries on her face.

It’s not quite clear if she really has had work done. Many fans argued that her face looked different as she just had a baby. Many also said that makeup can sometimes make you look different. Some fans said that she probably has gotten a few more fillers for her face, and most probably a botox.

Lawrence has previously confessed to having a nose job done, she has never spoken about any other surgeries.

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How Did Fans React To Jennifer’s Face Changes?

Jennifer Lawrence

Many fans were concerned as to what happened to her face for it to look so drastically different.

Another fan said that Jennifer looked unrecognizable in the pictures.

While another fan argued that this might be because of her new pregnancy.

Many talked about how gorgeous the actress already is without getting her face done.

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