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    “It Was Eating Its Way Through My Leg”: Tom Hanks Almost Lost His Life Due To Extreme Method Acting In His 2000 Film Which Made Him ‘Crazy’

    Tom Hanks has given some of the finest movies to the audience through his incredible acting style. The actor has contributed to every genre with films like ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘Forrest Gump‘, ‘Sleepless In Seatle’ and ‘Sully’. For his efforts in the industry, he also won two consecutive Academy Awards.

    But who thought that this might have cost him his life? Hanks almost lost died during his 2000 movie ‘Cast Away’. Even though the actor won a Golden Globe for his performance and was also nominated for an Oscar, the filming was done at great risk.

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    Tom Hanks Almost Lost His Life For A Role

    Tom Hanks
    Tom Hanks

    The role in ‘Cast Away‘ almost killed Tom Hanks. The actor was shooting a scene on the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji when he got a cut in his leg. The actor didn’t pay attention to the cut and it got worse. He was playing the role of a man who was isolated on a deserted island and he chose not to tend to the cut as he was lost in the character.

    Hanks explained, “[Cast Away] put me in the hospital. I was there for three days with something that, believe it or not, almost killed me. I got an infection from a cut, and it was eating its way through my leg. I didn’t know it, I just thought I had a sore.”

    The situation was worse than they expected. The doctor had to remove the poison from his blood or he could have died. Hanks added, “I went to the doctor who took one look and said, ‘I have to put you in the hospital because we have to get this infection out of you before it poisons your blood and you die.’”

    But he was saved successfully and was kept in the hospital for three days and the shooting was suspended for three weeks.

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    Hanks Couldn’t Differentiate Between Real And Reel During ‘Cast Away’ Shoot

    Tom Hanks as the mad man
    Tom Hanks as the madman

    After almost dying, the actor also experienced some weird things while filming the movie. He was playing the role of a man on a deserted island who survived a plane crash. The actor told Graham Bensinger that he was talking to a volleyball, and he could hear what the ball was saying.

    Tom Hanks totally committed to being a mad guy on the island, and in the real world, it got to his mind and he started doing weird things. The ball was named after Wilson, and talking about it Tom Hanks said: “When Wilson was born, I had dialogue with him. And I heard his dialogue in my head. I did go crazy, coz I never had a day off.”

    Well, we could guess the actor’s situation while filming the film. He was so invested in the role that he nearly died and lost his mind. Regardless we received an amazing performance from his side in the movie.

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