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    Marvel To Start Filming ‘Midnight Sons’ After Wrapping Up ‘Blade’

    The MCU which once primarily focused on Avengers, is expanding to multiple factions. Guardians Of The Galaxy, Defenders, Eternals, etc have joined the franchise and other factions are already on their way.

    Fans will soon see Young Avengers and X-Men join the fray. Recently it has been reported that another faction is on its way, Midnight Sons. It is one most powerful factions in the Marvel Universe. Reportedly Marvel will soon start working on ‘Midnight Sons’ movie.

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    The Supernatural Protectors Are Coming To The MCU

    Midnight Sons
    Midnight Sons (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    One of the prominent scoopers, Daniel Richtman revealed on Patreon that ‘Midnight Sons’ will go into production after Marvel finishes shooting ‘Blade’. It is quite big news for comic book lovers and fans of Supernatural fiction.

    2 years ago, Marvel filed the trademark for the title ‘Midnight Sons’. Since then fans know that they are not far from getting the ‘Midnight Sons‘ movie. In between, Marvel released the ‘Moon Knight’ TV series and the ‘Werewolf By Night’ TV Special. Both of these were crucial for happening of the ‘Midnight Sons’ movie.

    The ‘Blade’ is yet to start its production so it isn’t possible to predict when ‘Midnight Sons’ will start shooting.

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    Characters Who Can Join ‘Midnight Sons’ In MCU

    Midnight Sons
    Dr Strange, Scarlet Spider, Blade And Dormammu (Image via FirstCuriosity)

    Most of the key members of the factions, Dr Strange, Wong, Moon Knight, Werewolf By Night and Man-Thing, are already part of the franchise. Blade is another main member which explains its shooting to start after his movie.

    In addition above mentioned characters, Laura Donnelly’s Elsa Bloodstone and Kit Harrington’s BlackNight can also join the team. There are also rumors going on about Ghost Rider joining the MCU. The King Of Hell was the one who brought the team together.

    Some of the other characters who can join the franchise later to be part of the team are Dr Voodoo and Scarlet Spider. It will be a good time to introduce another Spidey who isn’t Peter Parker in the MCU. Agatha Harkness can also join the faction but chances are slim. Marvel can make an official announcement on the D23 event in August.

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