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    “You Never Know When You Meet Your Heroes”: Austin Butler Thought He Wouldn’t Get Along With Tom Hardy On ‘The Bikeriders’

    Austin Butler and Tom Hardy’s chemistry in ‘The Bikeriders’ shined throughout the film and there’s absolutely no denying that! While both the actors seemed to have an effortless bond on screen, it appears that their off screen bond was surprisingly different. At least different than what Butler imagined it to be.

    The ‘Elvis‘ actor spoke about how nervous he was about not getting along with Hardy and he was completely proven wrong after the duo absolutely set it on fire as their on screen roles. Here’s what Austin Butler imagined his relationship with Tom Hardy would be like and how he was proven wrong.

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    Austin Butler And Tom Hardy’s On Screen Chemistry In ‘The Bikeriders’

    Tom Hardy and Austin Butler in 'Bikeriders'
    Tom Hardy and Austin Butler in ‘Bikeriders’

    In an exclusive footage shared by the film, Austin Butler is seen talking about how he sees Tom Hardy as a hero and how he was unsure on how they would get along while making the film. “You never know when you meet your heroes if you’re going to get along,” Butler said during the interview, before adding, “And Tom makes me laugh harder than almost anyone in this world.”

    Butler wasn’t the only one nervous about Hardy’s presence in the film. Producer Sarah Greene also spoke about how they were skeptical about Hardy’s accent in the film but the actor left the makers completely in awe with his performance.

    “We didn’t know what he was going to sound like,” Sarah Green said as she also kjoined in the conversation. “When he first opened his mouth, it was like, we all went, ‘What?! That’s so wild!’ There was a little Marlon Brando in there; I think there was a little Jimmy Cagney in there. It worked so well for us,” she added.

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    What Is ‘The Bikeriders’ About?

    Austin Butler in 'Bikeriders'
    Austin Butler in ‘Bikeriders’

    The Bikeriders‘ is a historical drama depicts the emergence of a fictional Midwestern motorcycle club known as the Vandals and is based on photojournalist Danny Lyon’s critically acclaimed 1968 photobook of the same name. Filmed in the 1960s, it follows an initial set of founding members as the club expands and changes over time.

    The official leader of the gang, played by Tom Hardy, is Johnny, who depends a lot on Butler’s Benny to start and grow the gang. The film came out in June and has received mostly positive reviews throughout, with Butler receiving particular praise for his role.

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