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    “I Love The First Film”: Austin Butler Reacts To Being The Frontrunner To Play The Role Of Val Kilmer In ‘Heat 2’

    Austin Butler has accurate charm and skills to play famous personalities including Elvis Presley. Luckily, he did a biopic movie of the late singer, for which he also received an Oscar nomination. Now he has shared that he’s interested in playing Val Kilmer’s role in ‘Heat’ sequel.

    Butler shared his excitement for a chance of working with director Michael Mann, who’s currently developing ‘Heat 2‘.

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    Austin Butler Would Love To Work With Michael Mann In ‘Heat 2’

    Butler and young Val Kilmer

    Austin Butler shared his views on the rumors that he’s going to play the role of Val Kilmer in ‘Heat 2‘. Talking with Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of his new film ‘The Bikeriders‘, the actor expressed that he would love to work with director Michael Mann, who is the director of the 1995 film, ‘Heat’.

    Butler said, “Well, I love Michael Mann. I have a canned answer that I’ve been saying for this, just, yeah I love Michael Mann, I love the first film, I love Val Kilmer. Yeah, it’s — he’s an incredible filmmaker.” 

    The reports for the role emerged in May about him starring as Chris Shiherlis, the role which was originally played by Kilmer.

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    Austin Butler is interested in ‘Heat 2’

    Austin Butler has a wide variety of role potential roles to select from including ‘Pirates of the Caribbean. He has amazing acting skills and is currently the internet’s favorite actor who is going a contender for the role of Herculus.

    Moreover, he also spoke with ET about the online rumors about his role in the Jerry Bruckheimer production and he’s down for the role.

    He said, “I loved Pirates of the Caribbean. In elementary school, we had to make these posters that had your favorite music, your favorite actors. And at that time – I don’t know what grade, it must have been fourth grade, third grade or something – but it was — Pirates of the Caribbean was on there.”

    ‘Heat‘, which also features Al Pacino and Jon Voight, follows the story of high-end professional thieves, who start to feel the heat from the California police when they unknowingly leave a verbal clue during their heist.

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