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    50 Cent Faces Lawsuit For Throwing The Mic And ‘Severely Injuring’ A Woman At His Concert

    Musicians and their concert controversies never seem to catch a break. As Taylor Swift once said, if you wanna become a singer “Get a good lawyer”. Looks like 50 Cent is in need of that advice after the alleged mic-throw incident at his concert. 

    The rapper is being sued by radio host Bryhana Monegain, who attended the rapper’s show last summer. Bryhana claims that he injured her by throwing a microphone which resulted in severe injuries.

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    Concert Chaos: Mic Throw Sparks Lawsuit

    50 Cent Faces Lawsuit For Alleged Mic Throw Incident at Concert
    50 Cent sued over throwing his mic at a fan

    Los Angeles radio host Bryhana Monegain is taking 50 Cent to court. The ‘Power 106’ host is alleging that the rapper injured her by hurling a microphone at her head during his concert. 

    During a performance at Arena last summer, 50 Cent reportedly threw a microphone into the audience after encountering technical issues. Monegain claims the mic hit her right in the face and wrist, leading to severe injuries. She was hospitalized for a concussion, forehead laceration, and wrist pain, complaining of dizziness, headaches, light and sound sensitivity, and nausea.

    According to TMZ, Bryhana did file a police report right after the incident but no criminal charges were planned until last November. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Super Court, accuses the rapper, his company G-Unit Touring, and arena owner AEG of negligence, seeking a jury trial.

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    Radio host Bryhana Monegain
    Radio host Bryhana Monegain

    Monegain’s lawsuit demands compensation for special damages, including medical expenses and attorney fees. Attorneys John Morgan and Casey Kilday, representing Monegain, emphasize accountability by stating, “This alleged act of negligence and violence is unacceptable, and we will hold 50 Cent and his co-defendants accountable for their alleged actions.”

    They also quoted the rapper in a statement to EW: “Mr. Jackson has himself previously said that ‘if the talk ain’t ’bout money, homie, I ain’t concerned,’ so we are confident our client will be fairly and justly compensated for the injuries she suffered.”

    While Attorney Scott Leemon who is representing 50 Cent, is yet to respond to the allegations. However, in an initial response to the incident, Leemon did make a defensive comment. He stated that the rapper “would never intentionally strike anyone with a microphone“.

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