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    “He’s Become A Better Person Since”: Darius Rucker Says Morgan Wallen Needs To Be Forgiven For The Racial Slur Controversy

    Darius Rucker thinks it’s time to finally forgive Morgan Wallen, who has been facing heat from the public for being verbally disrespectful after being caught on camera in 2021 using various slurs, including the N-word. Wallen faced intense criticism after the visuals surfaced.

    Wallen’s booking agent also dropped him, ratio stations briefly halted his music, and the Academy of Country Music prohibited him from being nominated for any awards in 2021. While Wallen has seemingly faced repercussions of his mistake, here’s why Rucker thinks it’s time to drop the hate on him.

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    Darius Rucker Urges Public To Forgive Morgan Wallen

    Darius Rucker and Morgan Wallen
    Darius Rucker and Morgan Wallen

    Speaking to Rolling Stone, Darius Rucker vouched for Morgan Wallen, claiming that the actor needs to be forgiven after everything he has faced for his racial slurs. “I think Morgan’s become a better person since that. I’ve known Morgan a long time. Since all that happened Morgan’s tried to really better himself and become a better person and see the world in a much better, better way,” Rucker said during the interview.

    Rucker further stated that Wallen is still not fully forgiven by the industry, despite the fact that he has continued to have massive sales and his record ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ won the 2022 Academy of Country Music Award for album of the year.

    The country star added, “You know, he’s not forgiven. He’s still not out for CMAs and ACMs. They can say what they want, but the fact that Morgan Wallen is not up for entertainer of the year and those things is crazy. No one’s selling more tickets than Morgan.”

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    Morgan Wallen Has Been Mired In Other Controversies Too

    Morgan Wallen
    Morgan Wallen

    Morgan Wallen is no stranger to controversies. The country star initially attracted controversy in 2020 when social media footage of him partying in a mask during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak caused his scheduled ‘Saturday Night Live‘ appearance to be cancelled. Following the original incident, he was rescheduled on the NBC sketch comedy show a few months later.

    After a night out with friends, the country music icon was caught on camera yelling a racist slur outside his Nashville home, which put him in hotter trouble in 2021. In the video he can be heard saying, “Take care of this p— ass mother—,” followed by the N word.

    In an apology issued later, Wallen said, “I’m embarrassed and sorry. I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur that I wish I could take back. There are no excuses to use this type of language, ever. I want to sincerely apologize for using the word. I promise to do better.”

    However, the industry hasn’t been the kindest to him since.

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