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    “I’ll See You In Jail, Literally”: Ariana Grande Threatens Hackers After Her Unreleased Songs Get Leaked

    Ariana Grande is back in the limelight after a noticeable hiatus she took from her solo music pieces. The pop sensation saw massive success recently after the release of her lead single, ‘Yes, And?’. The song video was a strong-worded response to people interfering in Grande’s life. Penned and produced by Grande herself along with Max Martin and Ilya Salmanzadeh, it was an instant hit and marked her comeback in the mainstream.

    The pop sensation also recently shared the official remix of ‘Yes, And?featuring Mariah Carey, adding another layer of excitement for her fans. Now as she braces herself for her upcoming album, ‘Eternal Sunshine, some of her unreleased songs have been leaked — and Ariana is not happy.

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    “I’ll Pay You More To Put It Away”: Ariana Grande Jokes After Issuing A Strong-Worded Threat

    Ariana Grande (Credit: Getty)
    Ariana Grande (Credit: Getty)

    Ariana Grande is not shying away from giving a strong word to the culprits who leaked her music. The pop sensation addressed the issue in an interview on the ‘Zach Sang Show’, as she discussed the leaked tracks from her studio sessions with Grammy-winning producer Max Martin. The leaked songs include a particular song called ‘Fantasize‘, which has gained an apparent popularity even before its release.

    Grande expressed her frustration with the leaks, particularly on TikTok, where snippets of her unreleased music surfaced. “Before I left for Wicked, the few studio sessions I did, which are all — all — over TikTok, thank you so much,” Grande told Zach Sang, before sending a message to the hackers: “I’ll see you in jail, literally,” she said on the show.

    She further revealed that the songs were written for an unnamed TV show, and not for her own album. “So ‘Fantasize’ comes out — ‘comes out’ — crazy, was stolen. Comes out? Thieves, pirates, crooks, illegal. I’ll pay you more to put it away, to get it back,” she said with a laugh.

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    Ariana Grande Says The Leaked Songs Were Not A Part Of Her Album

    Ariana Grande (Credit: Getty)
    Ariana Grande (Credit: Getty)

    Ariana Grande explained that the original version of the leaked song was “a parody of a ’90s girl group vibe.” “But [the fans] loved it, and I was like, ‘a) all of you are absolute hypocrites, and b) that’s crazy! It’s so corny!’ But it’s okay. I took the note, and I kind of gave them Ariana’s version of that on the album. I would say that exists,” she said.

    So, some of those seedling ideas from that time actually made their way onto the album, which is really exciting, but they’re completely different now,” Grande added, as she quipped that people had already heard them because hackers “stole them again.”

    They’re very different now — so that’s exciting, too,” she said. When asked if she’s heard the Artificial versions of her fanmade songs, the star said she is unimpressed. “Yes, what are we doing? Why? I hate it,” she said.

    Ariana Grande’s seventh studio album, ‘Eternal Sunshine’ is set to be released on March 8, and the songstress has seemingly made it clear enough that she is not here to tolerate stealing.

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