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    What Is Gag City Created By Nicki Minaj Fans? Why Brands And Celebrities Hopping On The Trend?

    Nicki Minaj is the undisputed queen of rap. The rapper had a dream of becoming big in an industry dominated by white male executives. She came into the industry when there was a drought of young female rappers, and she built her career while maintaining her individuality, creating a brand for herself with her debut album ‘Pink Friday’ in 2010. Now, after 13 years, Nicki has brought Barbz part two of the album.

    Nicki Minaj had a very easy, strategic plan to create buzz about ‘Pink Friday 2’. She did live sessions with Brabz and gave a sneak peek into the music and the features that may be on the album. She released singles like ‘Red Ruby Da Sleeze’ and ‘Super Freaky Girl’ on the heels of their release. However, Barbz gave a completely new rebranding to the marketing by introducing an AI-generated city called Gag City, where they made some real-life references from Nicki’s career come alive. Her beef, political issues, celebrities, and brands have become part of it.

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    What Is Gag City? Celebrities Including Nicki Minaj Have Jumped On The Bandwagon

    Nicki Minaj as the Statue of Liberty created by Barbz using AI
    Nicki Minaj as the Statue of Liberty created by Barbz using AI

    The Gag City is crowded at the moment as everyone is seated since Nicki Minaj has released her much-awaited studio album, ‘Pink Friday 2’. It will be her first album since she released ‘Queen’ in 2018. Minaj’s fans, Barbz, started the trend of Gag City on the heels of the new album. It just started as a normal thing when a stan account posted a picture of an airplane flying to a Fuschia-tinted city called Gag City.

    The term ‘Gag’ is a positive term coined by the LGBTQIA+ community, which means to be amazed in a speechless manner. Since then, Barbz has done full-fledged urban planning via AI, creating the city. To be a part of the city, one needs to have a queen and a face well cared for. Very few celebrities have been allowed to be a part of the city.

    Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Bia, Trisha Paytas, Kris Jenner, Anna Wintour, Lady Gaga, and others. This moment is where the fandoms have gotten together to celebrate a rapper who has been reigning in the industry for more than a decade. However, some celebrities were prevented from entering the city, including Latto, the nemesis of Nicki, and Noah Schnapp for his inflammatory posts against Palestine. Since there is a city, there must be amenities for the citizens, so brands have also hopped on the bandwagon.

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    Brands Like Oreo, Grindr, Spotify, And Others Have Arrived In The Gag City

    Brands like Oreo have joined the movement of Gag City to promote 'Pink Friday 2' by Nicki Minaj
    Brands like Oreo have joined the movement of Gag City to promote ‘Pink Friday 2’ by Nicki Minaj

    The President of Gag City, Nicki Minaj, laid out some rules for the citizens of Gag City. According to the rules, the residents should not be mean to other residents, but they can be mean to outsiders. The second rule is, “Your makeup, hair, clothes, and shoes all go on by 1 touch of a button. That’s how we have the outsiders gagging all the time.” The third rule is more like the goodies that the people will receive upon landing in Gag City.

    While Nicki Minaj has approved Gag City, the brands have also joined forces to promote Nicki’s new album, ‘Pink Friday 2’. Queen Radio, the ‘Super Bass’ rapper’s fan account for her radio show, created brand offices and shops through AI in Gag City. Brands like Chili’s, Hulu, Oreo, Taco Bell, and others were welcomed in Gag City.

    Oreo quoted the tweet by asking, “what’s tea”. Converse hopped on the train by becoming the official footwear partner for Gag City by naming the Pink Chucks as the official footwear. Grindr, the gay dating platform, also joined the movement by asking Nicki’s fans, “barbz can i still go to gag city if i have no gag reflex?”


    Even Red Lobster, where Nicki Minaj worked, posted that they had arrived in Gag City and invited the Barbz to have a listening party at the restaurant. The seafood restaurant wrote, “Calling all Barbz 💗💅🏼 listening party at our place?” In recent times, this Gag City marketing campaign, which was led by the fandom, has been one of the most innovative campaigns, where art meet technology, creating an effective bra

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