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    Why Did P!nk Call Out Rolling Stone?

    One of the most versatile artists of our times P!nk has consistently shown her growth as a performer. The pop artist has been inclined towards music since her teenage and school days. She was a part of the school band ‘Middleground’. The artist continued to be a part of several bands like ‘Choice’ and ‘Basic Instinct’. However, after exiting the band ‘Choice’, she went on a solo career and P!nk gave the fans some of the memorable albums, tracks, and performances. The ‘Missundazstood’ artist is not only great in a studio session, but she has delivered some praiseworthy live performances.

    Recently, the music magazine Rolling Stone has rolled out their annual lists of the ‘Greatest of All Time’. This year, they released the listicle of ‘200 Greatest Singers of All Time’. They have included many singers from the new crop and there are some old legends. The list has included artists ranging from Rosalía to Linda Ronstadt to Ariana Grande. But, the magazine received a heavy backlash for seclusion of certain artists. Rolling Stone has always come under fire due to boxing artists in these listicles. One such instance was when they secluded P!nk from one of their lists and the artist clapped back.

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    P!nk Said That The Rolling Stone Has Been Irrelevant Since 1990s

    P!nk during a concert
    P!nk during a concert

    The Rolling Stone magazine had a rich history of political dissent since the 1960s. The magazine had Ramparts as its predecessor. The writer, Warren Hinckle, who changed the face of the Ramparts into a radical magazine, was fired in 1967.

    Hinckle covered the Summer of Love concert in its Sunday edition. So, after he was fired, the editor at its Sunday issue Wenner. Warren and Wenner started their own magazines and became one of the most important literary pieces of the 20th and 21st century.

    But, the magazine has been receiving a backlash lately due to certain content. The main contention between the readers and the magazine is those listicles. The ‘Greatest of all Time’ lists have been heavily criticized for many snubs. The songstress P!nk was snubbed in one of those lists. In April 2022, the magazine released the list of ‘The 25 Greatest Grammy Performances of All Time’.

    In the article, they did not include the ‘Can’t Take Me Home’ artist. Artists like Dua Lipa, Foo Fighters, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Prince were included. So, P!nk took it to her Instagram to call out the magazine for the snub. She wrote, “Bahahahahaha you guys have been irrelevant since 1990′. She made her debut at the Grammys stage in 2010 with a stunning aerial performance of ‘Glitter In The Air’.

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    The Artist Called Them A Sell Out


    P!nk continued, “This is the magazine that used to feature people like John Lennon and Muddy Waters. Hunter S Thompson wrote political pieces. They put Tina Turner on their cover. Then they sold out and all credibility went to s**t when ‘style over substance’ and ‘revenue over authenticity’ went into play”.

    The artist then mocked them for their recent reporting and how they have downgraded which is a unanimous opinion of her peers as well. She continued, “Give me a f–king break. Do your homework. You don’t have to like me or my music or anything about me- and believe me I could give a s–t- but this is the biggest sellout in f–king history when it comes to a publication we all once trusted. F**k rolling stone”.

    “And I’ve felt that way for decades as so many of my favorite artists and my peers have.This isn’t just about their horrendous opinion of ‘rating Grammy performances’. It’s decades of wasting Trees and people’s time”, the artist wrote.

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