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    Why Kanye West And TY Dolla $ign’s Concert In Italy Is Getting Postponed?

    Kanye West has become a disgraced member of the music and fashion fraternity after the ugly stunts he pulled off in 2022. West went on a hate rampage to make provocative fashion statements. He also went on an anti-Semitism spree that led to his being ousted by the industry, along with many brands cutting ties with the rapper.

    Kanye West last dropped a two-part album titled ‘Donda’ in 2021. He hosted mega-listening parties for his fans, exclusively giving them access to the tracks on the album. Part two of the album was released exclusively on the Stem Player. Since then, he has not released any new LP. Now, he and TY Dolla $ign are working on an album in Italy, and reportedly they will be holding a concert in the country. But, due to Ye’s previous anti-Semitic comments and love for Nazis, the war veterans in Italy are protesting against the concert.

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    Kanye West And TY Dolla $ign’s Concert May Not Go Ahead

    Kanye West and TY Dolla Sign's concert in Italy might get cancelled in Italy due to Ye's anti-Semitism
    Kanye West and TY Dolla Sign’s concert in Italy might get cancelled in Italy due to Ye’s anti-Semitism

    In 2022, Ye boarded a hate train, banishing the credibility that was attached to him. He made several anti-Semitic comments and threatened to go ‘def con 3’ on the Jews. However, the seeds of hate towards Jews were sown in 2018. During an interview with TMZ, Ye said that he loves Nazis and loves Hitler. He also asked people to see some good in the Nazi leader.

    Due to this, Ye has created a hindrance to having a concert in Italy. The war veterans have criticized Reggio Emilia’s decision to hold a concert of Ye on Italian soil, who has perpetrated his allegiance towards Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Kanye and TY’s concert was going to be held at the Reggio Emilia on October 20, 2023, but now the venue’s ANPI regional president, Ermete Fiaccadori, is also protesting against the concert.

    In a statement, Ermete Fiaccadori said that Ye’s misunderstanding about Hitler’s role in history has left him speechless. Despite being supportive of his artistic liberty, Ermete is concerned with what message may come out of the concert.

    Ermete also clarified that they are, as an organization, not imposing censorship. He said, “This isn’t censorship because we are all in favor of liberty, but we are talking about a concert that is totally out of order. Reggio has a long history of fighting against the ideas of Adolf Hitler and many lost their lives as a result.”

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    The Rapper Is Struggling To Get A Distributor For His New Album

    Kanye West is searching for a distributor for the new album
    Kanye West is searching for a distributor for the new album

    For a long time, media outlets have been reporting that Kanye West is ready to drop a new album amidst a plethora of controversies. Rooga, an ex-collaborator, teased Ye’s new album on the ‘No Jumper’ podcast. A source also told NBC News that they have listened to the album along with Bianca Censori.

    Now, as per Billboard, Ye is looking for a distributor for an album with TY Dolla $ign. As per the source, the rappers have shortlisted five distributors and “will make a decision soon”.

    However, bigger labels are cautious about distributing his album due to his anti-Semitism. But other smaller distributors are vying for the distribution, considering the streaming record of the artist. It also includes Too Lost, the company that has the YouTube rights for Ye’s music.

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