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    ‘A Gentleman In Moscow’ Ending Explained: What Happened To Rostov, Nina And Nikolai?

    Netflix British drama ‘A Gentleman in Moscow stars Ewan McGregor in the lead role of Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov, delivering a captivating performance. Other than McGregor’s portrayal of the charismatic protagonist with an impressive moustache, the show is also heavy with an intriguing historical narrative full of drama, twists and turns.

    Based on Amor Towles’ novel of the same name, ‘A Gentleman in Moscow‘ is set against the backdrop of Russia’s sociopolitical landscape in the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. McGregor’s character, Count Rostov, finds himself under house arrest at the iconic Metropol Hotel.

    In the pilot episode, the viewers are introduced to Count Rostov’s world in an engaging manner. Ideally, Rostov should not even be alive after the Bolshevik Revolution since the new men in power were killing off “gentlemen” who did not work for a living. But what saves our royal-blooded hero is a “revolutionary” poem he writes and presents to the higher in command, though he fails to evade the punishment of a house arrest.

    Given his sweet nature and aristocratic manners, Alexander seems to find his way at the hotel where he is held captive. His unwavering kindness endear him to both the staff and guests of the Metropol Hotel. Though his journey is fraught with challenges, he refuses to flee as that would mean losing his identity.

    Rostov is the kind of character who would live as prisoner with his own identity than flee as a nobody. Staying true to his principles, Rostov stays back with what he convinces himself to be his new found freedom.

    As the story of ‘A Gentleman in Moscow‘ progresses, Rostov builds an important friendship with Nina — a young girl who befriends him during his confinement — that plays a pivotal role in his further journey.

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    How Does Season 1 Of ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ End?

    Still from 'A Gentleman In Moscow'
    Still from ‘A Gentleman In Moscow’

    As the show progresses, Rostov’s ideals evolve. While he is seemingly trying to settle into the hotel without trying to find a way to run away, a twist changes his mind. When the hotel manager reveals to Rostov that he is under the constant surveillance of the Bolsheviks, he is shaken by the imminent danger they face.

    Rostov starts reconsidering his decision to remain at the Metropol under house arrest. However, despite dreaming of freedom with his friend Nikolai, Rostov knows deep down that their plans are futile.

    Stuck in a life of perpetual misery, Rostov finds solace in his friendship with Nina. She helps her explore the hidden corners of the Metropol. And while they are at it, Rostov is reminded of the memories and losses he holds dear. However, their secret attempts to find a solution to the looming problem leads them to another shocking revelation — a secret room where the men in command discuss important matters.

    As Rostov listens in on conversations, he discovers his friend Nikolai’s name on a list of suspects. As he becomes increasingly concerned for his friend’s safety, he warns Nikolai as well, but it’s too late. The Red Army soldiers, informed by a mole in the hotel, detain Nikolai and kill him.

    Although Rostov regrets not doing more to save Nikolai, he knows that intervening would have meant certain death for him as well. With Osip already suspicious of him, Rostov understands the consequences of his actions.

    With death possibly also looming over him, Nina’s narration offers a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness. It indicates that Rostov’s time at the Metropol will continue to be anything but ordinary. With a heart wrenching death of an important character in the first season, the show leaves viewers to wonder what it Rostov’s future there onwards holds for him.

    On the compelling show, McGregor does full justice to his character. His acting brings depth and humanity to the character, making him instantly likable and relatable. McGregor has also masterfully captured the character’s emotional journey, from frustration and longing to acceptance and resilience.

    The show cleverly explores themes of class struggle, resilience, and unexpected friendships that get concretized against the backdrop of the Bolshevik Revolution. The nuanced and thought-provoking season 1 of the show is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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