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    Chinese Media Accuses Netflix Show ‘3 Body Problem’ Of Promoting American “Cultural Hegemony”

    3 Body Problem‘, the recently released sci-fi Netflix thriller is stirring up controversy in China, drawing criticism from state media outlets and viewers alike. Created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the show is a Netflix adaptation of the science fiction bestseller ‘The Three Body Problem‘. Though based on well-acclaimed books, the show is facing backlash for its portrayal of Chinese culture and characters.

    China’s social media has been abuzz with conflicting views by social media users for over a week since the show’s release. Though Netflix is not accessible in China, audiences have found various means to watch the show and have been vocal about the problematic depiction of their culture in it.

    Not just the common masses, but the state-run media outlet China Military Online, owned by the PLC, issued one of its first official comments on the series. The show has been accused of promoting “American cultural hegemony” under the guise of diversity, as per the allegations leveled against the show by state media outlets.

    The criticism emerged based on the deviation from the original book by Chinese author Liu Cixin. Critics have claimed that while the novels predominantly feature Chinese characters and unfold over an extended period, the Netflix series introduces characters from various countries and condenses the timeline. The step has led to accusations of cultural insensitivity and misrepresentation, putting the Chinese off the pedestal.

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    Chinese Media Claims America Is Using “Political Correctness To Dissolve Other Countries’ Cultural Influence”

    Still from '3 Body Problem'
    Still from ‘3Body Problem’

    The South China Morning Post highlighted concerns that the adaptation undermines China’s cultural influence while imposing stereotypes into the show’s narrative. As per the news outlet’s commentary, “The United States is using ‘political correctness’ to combat and dissolve other countries’ cultural influence. It uses ‘pluralism’ to practice its cultural hegemony.”

    The show has also allegedly removed scenes depicting modern, developed China and has only retained the negative portrayals of Chinese characters. The controversy further intensified with allegations that the Netflix adaptation has also changed the setting of the book from China to America.

    Viewers accessing pirated versions of the show in China have raised questions about the creators’ motives, pointing at their visible bias against China. Though Netflix does not work in China, people are accessing pirated versions of the show and raising their voices against the apparently veiled attack on Chinese culture. The show also faces accusations of Western bias and selective portrayal.

    3 Body Problem’, though derived from a popular Chinese science fiction novel, has taken the creative liberty to introduce some changes in the show. Though the creators have tried to capture the essence of the novels, many changes have been made in the source material, sparking controversy around cultural representation and authenticity.

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