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    ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3: Does Violet Bridgerton End Up With Marcus Anderson In The Book?

    One thing the showrunners did not forget to do this third season was to surprise us with all the twists.Bridgerton season 3 deviated from the books a lot by introducing some major changes. One of them included the introduction of Lady Danbury’s brother Marcus Anderson. 

    Another would be the steamy romance between Marcus Anderson and none other than Violet Bridgerton. Mama Bridgerton had a lover of her own in the third season. But what happens to her in the books? Does she and Marcus end up together? 

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    Does Violet Bridgerton Remarry In The ‘Bridgerton’ Books?

    Violet Bridgerton
    Violet Bridgerton

    It has been established that Violet Bridgerton had one of the most epic marriages and love stories on the show. She found a love match in Edmund Bridgerton before he died of a bee sting. But in the books, Violet Bridgerton never moves on from her epic love story. 

    She only meddled in her children’s love lives but never even thinks of finding a lover again. She cherished the memories she had with her late husband and was happy to help her children find the love that she was fortunate enough to find. 

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    What Happens To Violet Bridgerton And Marcus Anderson?

    Marcus Anderson with Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton
    Marcus Anderson with Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton

    Lady Danbury’s brother is introduced as a widower who is looking for a new chapter in his life involving romance. So he bonds quickly with Violet Bridgerton because of their mutual understanding and shared experiences of loss. Violet also shows her interest in him by sharing a dance in a ball at the end of season 3. 

    Marcus and Violet’s companionship has been approved by fans who loved them together. Although nothing concrete happened between them in season 3, the showrunners have left an open space for developing a potential love story between them. So we have to wait for future seasons to know if they will get their happily ever after. 

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