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    ‘Kaleidoscope’: What’s The Best Way To Watch The Episodes Of Netflix’s Unusual Drama?

    Kaleidoscope’ is an exceptional series that can be watched in any order. That is definitely something we have never heard of. Because of its unique aspects, the incredible drama has captured the attention of audiences. This heist series’ episodes can be viewed in nearly 40,000 different ways, and, the best part is there is no right or wrong way, only the best way. The episodes of the series are titled in colors rather than numbers, which is highly appealing to the audience.

    It is divided into eight parts and focuses on mastermind thief Leo Pap and his crew planning a $7 billion heist. But they have their own greed and set of betrayals. Let’s get into the best way to watch ‘Kaleidoscope‘ episodes.

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    ‘Kaleidoscope’ Episodes In Chronological Order


    The best approach is to watch the series in chronological order. Even if you watch the series in any order, you’ll mostly end up on the final episode and still understand everything that’s been going on.

    The chronological order would be ideal because viewers would be more engaged from years before the heist to the aftermath.

    Black – Introduction: The ‘Black’ episode will provide a proper introduction to the series.

    Violet – 24 Years Before the Heist: This episode would be ideal to follow the official introduction because it takes place 24 years before the massive heist. The episode revolves around Leo, a family man who tries to leave his life of crime behind him, but then he comes across an alluring opportunity and a pretty compelling partner who makes old habits hard to break.

    Green – Seven Years Before the Heist: Now ‘Green’ would be a great one to watch as it takes place seven years before the heist. In the episode, a disheartening diagnosis forces Leo to break out of prison with the assistance of a cellmate. However, after an emotional reunion on the outside, Leo begins plotting vengeance.

    Yellow – Six Weeks Before the Heist: This episode follows Leo on his journey to assemble a team to steal billions. But first, they must secure seed money in the Diamond District.

    Orange – Three Weeks Before the Heist: This episode takes place a few weeks before the heist when the squad encounters some difficulties. Netflix describes the episode as “Weeks before the heist, the squad hits a few obstacles as the FBI closes in on Ava and Bob copes with an injury. Agent Nazan seizes an opportunity.”

    Blue – Five Days Before the Heist: Finally, in the episode ‘Blue,’ the team is putting their plan into action. But then they learn that a hurricane is heading straight for the city. When the FBI receives a tip, another obstacle is added to the mix.

    White – The Heist: The best episode is ‘White,’ in which the heist finally begins. After all of the planning and challenges, the team has no idea that more challenges await them. When things don’t go as planned, they are forced to pivot.

    Red – The Morning After the Heist: This episode is ideal for watching because it depicts the day after the heist when the group gathers to figure out what went wrong after a lot of planning. And they have no idea who they can rely on.

    Pink – Six Months After the Heist: Even though the heist is over and the group has been in hiding for months, they are still struggling. And the feds are finally following up on a lead.

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    Kaleidoscope’ In Reverse Chronological Order

    Kaleidoscope Episode ORDER

    Another option is to watch the ‘Kaleidoscopeepisode in reverse chronological order. That would be watching from episode Pink to episode Violet. This would provide the audience with a completely different viewing experience.

    Many people have also described this as the worst viewing experience. Because there would be a puzzling effect. The reverse chronological order follows Pink, Red, White, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Violet, and Black.

    Watch ‘The Heist’ First

    Kaleidoscope Netflix

    Some audiences have also mentioned that they will watch the ‘White’ episode first as it will increase their excitement, and there will undoubtedly be some confusion about what is going on, but it will be quite thrilling.

    Spectators can begin with the ‘White’ episode and then move on to their desirable episodes. The episodes titled ‘Red’ and ‘Pink’ are the most revealing. Spectators can either watch ‘White’ first, then ‘Violent,’ and so on, or they can just watch at random.

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