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    ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5 Ending: Duffer Brothers Debunk The Most Popular Fan Theory

    As the premiere of ‘Stranger Thingsseason 5 approaches, the anticipation over how the show will end is growing among fans worldwide. The upcoming season would put an end to the Netflix hit show that garnered attention from fans all across the world.

    The fourth season of ‘Stranger Things‘, which is currently streaming on Netflix, broke records. The show was so well-received that the 1980s old songs that it featured also rapidly climbed up the charts after the show’s release. As the excitement around the upcoming season mounts, the show creators have debunked the most popular fan theory about the show’s end.

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    What’s The Fan Theory About The Ending Of ‘Stranger Things’?

    Still from ‘Stranger Things’ (Image: Netflix)

    Several fan theories have been circulating on social media since season 5 was announced to be the last one. However, there’s this one theory in particular that has gained the most traction among the show’s followers.

    Most fans believe that the events of the show will turn out to be a game of Dungeons and Dragons. The game also holds significance in the show as the characters are shown to be particularly fond of it during the initial few seasons.

    However, amid all the speculation and anticipation as the fans gear up for the end of ‘Stranger Things‘, the Duffer Brothers recently clarified that the end of the show will not align with the Dungeons and Dragons theory.

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    Duffer Brothers Quash The Theory

    Still from ‘Stranger Things’ (Image: Netflix)

    In a recent interview with Metro at the premiere of ‘Stranger Things: The First Shadow‘ play, the Duffer Brothers quashed the theory. They did not give it away directly though. One of the Duffer Brothers, Matt, jokingly played along. “That is correct. That is the ending,” he said.

    However, he followed the comment up with a straightforward “no“. The other Duffer brother Ross took over. “That would be the equivalent of, ‘That’s all a dream.’ No, I assure you that is not how we’re going to end the show,” he said.

    With that, the fans are back into suspense. The Duffer Brothers’ comments have left a breeding ground for more speculations to gain traction. More fan theories will likely surface on social media after this.

    As the countdown to the premiere of Stranger Things season 5 begins, its fans all over the globe hang in curiosity. The Duffer Brothers have their cards close to their chest as season 5 is set to premiere in 2025. The first four seasons of the show are meanwhile available for streaming on Netflix.

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