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    Why Did ‘Atypical’ Get Canceled After 4 Seasons?

    We love and enjoy many shows because of their light yet informative themes in day-to-day life, and when those shows end, we know that they’ll forever be alive in our hearts. ‘Atypical’ is one such show that ended a little too soon for the fans’ liking.

    But, in 2020, it was announced that we had to part ways with Sam who made us love his grit while dealing with being on the autism spectrum. Let us dive back in and explore why it was canceled.

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    Why Did ‘Atypical Not Return For A Fifth Season? Not Return For A Fifth Season?

    Still From 'Atypical'
    Still From ‘Atypical’

    Despite the show’s huge success and following, the decision was made for ‘Atypical’ to end before the fifth season. In February 2020, long before the fourth season’s filming began, it was revealed on the official Netflix Twitter account that the upcoming season would be its last one.

    Speaking to Bustle, showrunner Robia Rashid talked about the importance and impact of the show, as well as why it had to come to a close with season four. She said, “It’s been a hard year, a brutal year. And this season of Atypical is full of love and hope. It’s about dreaming big with your favorite people by your side. I hope this season is the warm hug every single one of us deserves after the year we just had.”

    Robia also mentioned that the arrival of COVID-19 made it apparent that the show needed to end.

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    ‘Atypical’ Ending Explained: A Powerful Beginning

    Still From 'Atypical'
    Still From ‘Atypical’

    Although fans were disheartened by hearing the news of ‘Atypical’ ending, the finale of the show served as a big goodbye hug for all.

    At the conclusion of the fourth and final season of the show, Sam satisfies a lifelong desire to visit Antarctica to witness his favorite animal—penguins—in their native habitat. His father Doug (Michael Rapaport), who was disengaged from his son’s hobbies at the start of the show, is present on the journey- a character development arc that made the fans sob even harder.

    While speaking to TVLine, creator Robia Rashid explained how this ending was originally planned for the season two finale but held back as Netflix renewed the series.

    “We saved it,” Rashid said. “So we knew all along that that was going to be the ending. We didn’t plan on having Doug going with him, but that ends up feeling really full circle in terms of where Doug and Sam started out.

    “They started out feeling not very connected and like they had nothing in common,” Rashid added. “You don’t feel like they’re going [to Antartica] together out of any sort of fear. [Doug]’s not going to watch out for Sam. He’s going because he wants to hang out with his kid, and he’s curious.”

    Rashid described the scene as “really powerful” regardless of Sam’s condition, adding, “It’s so cool to see somebody on the spectrum doing this massive thing and it’s so ambitious, not just for someone on the spectrum, but anyone.”

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