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    7 Great TV Shows That Got Cancelled In 2023

    2023 proved to be a rollercoaster ride for TV shows as well as movie enthusiasts. While some shows were ended because they ran their course, some others met a natural end despite being loved by their viewers.

    While there still is a bright side to the year since several new TV shows were released this year, many others got canceled. Some had legitimate reasons for cancellation, but some others were just shut abruptly. Here is a look at the best ones that may have been a treat for the audience, but got canceled this year.

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    1. The Idol

    The Idol (Image: IMDB)

    The Idol’ was a show made to bring to light the darker facets of the Hollywood music industry. It particularly focused on the exploitation of women in the music industry. But the show seemingly hit a sour note with many of the Hollywood music industry’s top brass. The audience too, perhaps, did not take it as well as it was intended to be. With an 18% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, HBO gave a poor viewer response as the reason for the show’s cancellation.

    2. 1899

    1899 (Image: IMDB)

    A German show, ‘1899’ was a high-budget project with $60 million invested in it. But it failed to keep viewers hooked. While the production was looking to get a second season made, the show faced a cancellation. The show was unsuccessful at turning its investment into profits. The show’s timing also played a role in its failure, as it was released at the same time as the Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’.

    3. Bling Empire: New York

    Bling Empire: New York (Image: IMDB)

    Contrary to its name, the show ‘Bling Empire: New York’ could not climb up the success ladder. The main reason for the show’s downfall was the way it portrayed Asian American business tycoons. Many of its audiences pointed out the lack of diversity in the show. What added more to the show’s misery is its release time.

    The show was released during the COVID-19 pandemic, which many deemed as insensitive. Netflix did not comment on the anti-Asian allegations, and the show just got canceled without any further discussions around it.

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    4. Gossip Girl

    Gossip Girl (Image: IMDB)

    Despite its considerable popularity among its target audience, the show ‘Gossip Girl’ HBO abruptly pulled the plug on the show after two seasons. Though the producers planned on making a third season, the decision was changed.

    Though no official reason was given for the cancellation, it is speculated that the show underperformed as compared to its rival show ‘Pretty Little Liars’, produced under Freeform’s banner. However, the second season of the show had a stellar 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But the ship had already sailed by then.

    5. One Of Us Is Lying

    One of us is lying (Image: IMDB)

    Another great show that was abruptly canceled this year in a rather bold move, is Peacock’s ‘One of Us is Lying’ after two seasons. The production cited poor viewership numbers for the decision to cancel. However, Netflix had a different tale to tell.

    The TV show found an unexpected resurgence there and managed to remain in the top 10 position for a month in 44 countries after its original Peacock release. But again, the ship had already sailed.

    6. The Company You Keep

    The company you keep (Image: IMDB)

    ABC Network made the difficult decision to part ways with ‘The Company You Keep’ after the first season. Like most other shows that got canceled, the dwindling viewership numbers were the reason why this show was canceled too. The viewership gradually depleted. Though the show has been canceled, there’s a rumor about a potential short second season.

    7. A League Of Their Own

    A league of their own (Image: IMDB)

    A League of Their Own’ faced a premature end after its first season because of the writers’ and actors’ strike. Amazon Prime had initially promised a short, 4-episode second season of the show. Show creator Abbi Jacobson has however claimed that Amazon is more responsible for the series’ cancellation, and not the strikes as is being claimed. The show had expectations riding on it, and the sudden cancellation left viewers bewildered.

    Though we have already bid adieu to these shows that had heavy potential, there is hope for the coming year to bring us better things to watch and delve into. If not, we always have the option of rewatching whatever these shows have left as their legacy.

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