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    Bill Gates And Elon Musk To Pay A Hefty Amount For Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

    Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Donald Trump are caught up in a real-estate fix. The trial case hit the headlines when the former US President overstated the value of a property that only holds a value of $25 million.

    While estimating the actual value of the real estate property, the judge called it a waste of an entire day, meanwhile, Gates and Musk are expected to pay a huge amount for the property that Trump overvalued.

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    How Did Bill Gates and Elon Musk Get Dragged Into The Mess?

    Bill Gates and Elon Musk
    Bill Gates and Elon Musk

    According to a Palm Beach real-estate broker, Bill Gates and the Tesla owner would pay $1 billion for Mar-a-Lago. The broker, Lawrence Moens could not believe that these billionaires would pay such a high price for the property. When called in to testify, Moens said, “It’s like a fantasy list. I could dream up anyone from Elon Musk to Bill Gates and everyone in between during the July deposition.”

    The real estate agents labeled them as the “Kings, emperors and heads of state” and if they want to buy the best house in the country, the properties are available. According to the transcript, Lawrence Moen also added, “I wish he’d let me sell it, but it’s not for sale.” 

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    What Is The Donald Trump Trail Case All About?

    Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    The former President was accused of quoting the overvalued price of the estate property that was on sale. The lawyers for the state Attorney General Letitia James have proven that Donald Trump exaggerated his net worth by $3.6 billion a year. Moreover, he intentionally valued the property at astronomical levels, saying it was worth as much as $739 million in 2018 and now the state officials have confirmed that it was only worth $25 million.

    According to the state, Trump relied on the false piece of information that Mar-a-Lago was an unrestricted property and misrepresented that he could develop the 17 waterfront acres even though the former president had personally signed deeds donating away his residential development rights for tax purposes. And now Lawrence Moens is being called in to testify as a defense witness in Trump’s New York civil fraud trial. 

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