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Dior Shows Support For Israel By Firing Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid‘s stance on the Israel-Palestine has been very clear from the very beginning. The model who recognizes herself as a Palestinian, has fiercely advocated for her homeland, speaking up, spreading awareness, and supporting Palestine during the genocidal war.

Ever since she spoke out, she has also expressed her feelings on the possibility of losing work over her support for Palestine. Well, that has just happened and Hadid just lost one of the significant projects she was a part of.

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Dior Fires Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

The fashion and perfume house just removed and replaced Bella Hadid with an Israeli model as their brand ambassador, following Hadid’s support towards Palestine.

According to sources, “While many companies around the world refrain from openly supporting Israel, international brand Dior has chosen Israeli model May Tager to lead their campaign, a role previously held by Bella Hadid, who has long been an advocate for the Palestinian cause and a vocal critic of Israel.” 

Bella has been the face of the brand since 2016 and a new campaign of the brand now shows an Israeli model called May Tager.

Fans across social media are now boycotting Dior for their support of Israel and have criticized the brand for firing Bella.

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Bella Hadid On Losing Jobs Over Her Palestinian Support

Bella Hadid

Before speaking up on this issue, Bella knew well enough that this was coming.

In a recent interview she talked about this and said, “I had so many companies that stopped working with me. have friends that completely dropped me.”

But that did not stop the supermodel from standing on the right side of history. “I know my family enough, I know my own history enough. And that should be enough,” she said. “Everyday I wish I could go back in time, to when I was a child, so that I could start fighting for Palestine sooner. For my family, for my elders, our history and for the people of Palestine still living, now, through this treacherous, exhausting and painful occupation.”

She has been stern with her stance and has admitted that no amount of pushing will make her change it. She has and will stand by Palestine, no matter what’s at stake.

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