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    Does ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Have A Post Credit Scene? 

    Keanu Reeves, in 2014, pulled off a ruthless and impulsive protagonist, in the much-celebrated franchise, ‘John Wick’. An interwoven, ragged thriller, where the protagonist ventures on a quest for the death of his dog, his last ray of hope, and a gift from his deceased wife. The raging success of this badass action thriller aroused the pathway for its later installments.

    According to the recent update from the creator, calling it the final installment of this spine-chilling franchise, its release has already gathered worldwide appreciation and love as it effectively mustered the talent and vision associated. However, One thing that deserves our special attention is the post-credit scenes, which are a major talk of the town. Well, people want to decode the happening, let me take you to a spoiler-free analysis of ‘John Wick: chapter 4’.

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    The Plot Of ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’

    With a running time of 2 hours and 51 minutes, the longest among all its franchises, ‘John Wick chapter 4’ is now in cinemas and all geared up to let the viewers in for a heart-wrenching experience. This picture successfully captures the essence of the series and is by far the most appropriate sequel to the first, and worthy of our time. 

    Following Chapter 3‘s conclusion is now at war with The High Table. John decided to break his pact with The Table and stand with Winston after the last film soon after which he was shot by Winston, and flung from the roof of the New York Continental and barely escape his death.

    John now comes across as an even greater void of frigid rage due to the betrayal. As though the little remaining threads of humanity he possessed were eroding. Where does all of this go?

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    ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Post Credit Scene

    So a gentle reminder to not leave the theatres as soon as the credits start rolling, as the creators have pitched in a bombshell in the post-credit scene. It hints at the future of a significant storyline that isn’t entirely resolved in the film’s primary premise. Not disclosing the characters, or the summary of the plot, however, the essence of the franchise-revenge and eventually pitiless massacre will live on. 

    This credit scene does contradict the claim from Stahelski’s statement, sharing that it’s time for “John Wick to rest,” if this is true, then we can see the creators end up creating a John Wick Universe with several spin-off projects. We are unsure if ‘John Wick Chapter 5‘ is shelved or if it’s just a marketing strategy, one thing we are sure of is that yes, Volience is not off the table for now, and sooner or later we are going to pitch in for some gut-churning epic. 

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