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    Elon Musk Plans To Give China A Huge Investment Deal Despite Country’s Deteriorating Relations With US

    Elon Musk is once again on the move. With a singular goal of making Tesla a global force to be reckoned with, he made the trip to China on Tuesday. China is Tesla’s second-largest market, and Musk looks to create an ever more significant impact on Tesla’s future expansion. In return, China is welcoming more foreign investment for its economic prosperity.

    While the exact purpose of this trip remains declassified, Musk has met with China’s foreign minister and high-ranking members of the country’s commerce industries. This visit comes amidst the recent political skirmish between the two nations. Musk could take this opportunity to discuss regulations against Twitter and Starlink opposition.

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    Elon Musk’s Meeting With The Chinese Ministry Comes At A Sensitive Time For Both Countries

    The Tesla CEO met the Chinese foreign minister Qin Gang Ho
    The Tesla CEO met the Chinese foreign minister Qin Gang Ho.

    Elon Musk arrived in China on Tuesday to improve business relations between the two nations. On his arrival in Beijing, the former Twitter CEO’s first stop was the Chinese foreign minister Qin Gang Ho. Elon Musk also looks forward to visiting Tesla’s energy plant in Shanghai, three years since his last visit. According to a BBC report, the US and China’s import and export figures reached a record high of $690.6 billion in 2022.

    However, the relationship has seemed to sour since a Chinese balloon allegedly traveled across the US for spying. In his conversation with Musk, Qin Gang Ho reiterated China’s commitment to fostering business and investment relations in a “mutually beneficial cooperation.” Musk said he looks forward to taking forward his business dealing with China, describing the leading world economies, China and the United States Of America, as “conjoined twins.” 

    Elon Musk’s Business Trip To France

    French President Emmanuel Macron and Elon Musk

    Elon Musk recently took a trip to France to find another location for his base of operations. The tech billionaire met with French President Macron at Elysée Palace, Versailles. He later attended the ‘Choose France’ summit for potential global business investors.

    The meeting between the French leader and the former Twitter CEO seemed to have gone well, with Musk being impressed with France’s commitment to commercial growth. Musk pledged to bring more investment to France. However, he refused to provide any finite details about his plan of action.

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