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    Gang Members Open Fire At Each Other In A Broad Daylight Shootout On Busy Streets Of New York City

    Ever since the pandemic ended, crime rates in America are skyrocketing. Recently, a gunman opened fire in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. The offender was an 18-years-old boy who killed 19 kids and two teachers. Only a few days after that, another shootout took place in the busy streets of NYC which has left the Americans even more afraid.

    According to a new poll formed by the Siena Research Institute, almost 80% of the New Yorkers are afraid of being a victim of heinous gun crimes. 70% of the New Yorkers reported that they don’t feel safe anymore in the city. The recent incident on Tuesday made the public even more sure about their fears.

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    Gang Member Tenzin Norgyal Arrested In Shootout

    Gang Member Tenzin Norgyal
    Gang Member Tenzin Norgyal

    There was a shoot-out At 65 St and Broadway in Queens. The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon in broad daylight at 3:30 PM. The whole scenario began when a mysterious man wearing a red and white shirt stepped out of a black Audi and started running on the sidewalk armed with a gun. The intention of the man was to shoot Tenzin Norgyal, who is a 28-year-old member of the TNT gang.

    The unidentified mysterious stranger and Tenzin shared some words before the violent shootout took place. Soon after that Norgyal had to take cover behind the Woodside Cafe outdoor eating area. After that shots were exchanged between both the armed men. The gang member started shooting at an identified man who was still at an advantageous point. Norgyal hold a cigarette in his one hand while shooting with the other hand.

    The deadly incident resulted in quite a few injuries. Tenzin was shot in his shoulder and had to be hospitalized immediately at the Elmhurst hospital. Police imprisoned him on the charge of attempted murder, according to the Astoria Post. The other man still remains unidentified and police are still unable to catch him.

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