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    George R.R. Martin Reveals The Reason Behind The Delay Of ‘The Winds Of Winter’

    George R.R. Martin must be credited for giving a book series like ‘Game of Thrones’ which was successfully adapted into a live-action series. The series received a positive response and it also led to a spin-off titled ‘House of the Dragon.’

    Meanwhile, the public is eagerly waiting for the release of Martin’s next novel, ‘The Winds of Winter.’ It is the upcoming novel in the series, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’ While Martin has been preparing the book for a long time, people have been eager to know the reasons behind the delay.

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    Why ‘The Winds Of Winter’ Hasn’t Come Out Yet

    George R.R. Martin said that a character that was killed in the past which has delayed the novel

    Audiences have been waiting for an update from the side of George R.R. Martin regarding the development of The Winds of Winter.’ During a conversation with Diana Gabaldon, Martin addressed the problems that he had to undergo while writing the novel.

    Diana simply asked Martin about what is going on with his new book and he replied by saying that things have been delayed because a character was killed in the past and it is something that should not have happened. Diana empathized with Martin, saying that it is common for writers.

    She further stated, “And yeah, I mean, this happens all the time when you write. But, I mean, you have an imagination, you know, this is your escape hat. Well, you know, you paint yourself into the corner. I said, what you do is you get a new bucket of paint, and you paint yourself back out and do the floor behind you.”

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    George R.R. Martin’s Commitment To ‘House Of The Dragon’

    George R.R. Martin reportedly working on ‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2

    ‘House of the Dragon’ received a positive response when it premiered and the second season of the show is on the filming stage. But now George R.R. Martin is reportedly working with the production team of the show’s second season to deliver a better product.

    Martin has been preparing ‘The Winds of Winter’ since 2010 and as per his statement to Diana, it seems like the complexity and scope have led to a delay in the book’s release.

    Speaking of the novel’s storyline, Martin said that he will start with two big battles that happen on the ice and at Meereen. He has also planned to add a Victarion Greyjoy chapter in the beginning.

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