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    Who Killed Harwin Strong In George R.R. Martin’s Book? Was It Different From ‘House Of The Dragon’?

    “Breakbones” or Harwin Strong was a knight. He belonged to the House Strong and was the rightful heir to Herrenhal. He was the strongest man in the seven kingdoms and was described as massive and redoubtable by people. In the new ‘House Of The Dragon‘ series, the character is played by the Australian actor Ryan Corr.

    If you are a reader of George R.R. Martin’s book, ‘Fire And Blood‘, you will know the fate that Harwin carries with him. To a fan’s disappointment and a lot of tears, he dies. The House of Dragon‘ is currently running on HBO and introduced the non-readers to this character in great detail. Let’s take a look at his role in the book and the reason and culprit of his tragic fall.

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    How Does Harwin Strong Die In The Books?

    Harwin Strong was the eldest son of Lord Lyonel Strong. But he was one of those characters who had to bear the consequences of others’ actions. Strong died in a fire at Harrenhal. He was there with his father when the tragedy took place. People often blame the legendary curse of Harrenhal for their deaths.

    However, fans also think that their death was actually a murder rather than an accident. People put these allegations on Viserys, Daemon, and Corlys. He was an enemy in the eyes of many due to his close bond with Princess Rhaenyra. They believed that Harwin was the actual father of the three children of the princess, namely, Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey Velaryon, and hence always had a personal grudge against him.

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    How Does ‘House Of The Dragon’ Portray His Death?

    Harwin Strong was a central character in the newly released episode of the show. The series however depicts his story a bit differently from the books. Although the ending of the last episode was a cliffhanger, the majority of people know what is there to come.

    At the end of the Sunday episode, we saw that when Strong returned to Harrenhal, the castle started burning. Harwin and his father both got trapped. The two are killed in a fire started by the men sent by their own family member, Larys Strong.

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