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    “I Need 5000 People”: Spencer Tunick Announces His Next Mass Nude Installation In Sydney

    Spencer Tunick is a renowned US artist born in New York’s Hudson Valley region. He is returning to Australian shores and he needs the help of the public to create his latest nude installation. The artist is known internationally for gaining a name for himself by urging volunteers to strip naked en masse in public for different causes.

    His next “nude installation”, is commissioned by the charity Skin Check Champions to raise awareness of skin cancer. The event will take place on November 26, 2022 at a Sydney beach, coinciding with National Skin Cancer Action Week. Know more about Tunick and his “nude installations’.

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    What Is The New Project Of Spencer Tunick About?

    Spencer Tunick’s nude installment

    Spencer Tunick’s next “nude installation” will take place on November 26, 2022 at a Sydney Beach. The beach for his next project is yet to be revealed. Although, many fans of the artist’s work are speculating that Bondi would be the frontrunner, given his penchant for landmark locations. The exact location will only be made known a week prior to the day, to those who have signed up online to be part of the work.

    This upcoming project will be the fourth Australian project for Tunick. He attracted global attention for his Sydney Opera House work featuring 5,000 nude Australians as part of the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gas. In 2018, the artist made headlines for battling with supermarket chain Woolworths to shoot his Chapel Street series in Melbourne.

    The Guardian‘s art cirtic Jonathan Jones critiqued that Tunick was doing what Renaissance artists has done. He also stated that “instead of marble or oil paints he uses a camera and instead of Michelangelo’s ideal types he uses folk like you and me.” “So long as we don’t all walk about naked in public, the exposure of flesh in a public place will still thrill, excite, disturb.”

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    Why Does The Artist Need A Mass Number Of Naked People For His Project?

    Spencer Tunick taking picture

    The artist has completed dozens of mass public works. These were set on a glacier, in a theatre, in the desert, or at a train station. Bodies are sometimes painted, draped in sheer fabric, or arranged in order of skin tonality. Volunteers who register online are usually asked to grade the tone of their skin using a detailed colour chart provided.

    He is yet to decide what technique to employ next month. “We have to wait and see what the data is from people signing up,” he says. “We’re hoping for a rainbow of people in Sydney.” The aim is to photograph 2,500 people, to symbolise the number of Australian lives claimed every year from skin cancer.

    “So in order for me to get that, I need 5,000 people signed up – because only half that amount will actually show up. It’s much easier to get excited in front of your computer screen than it is at four o’clock in the morning when your alarm clock goes off.” “Tunick is not quite an artist, more a stunt artist with just the one trick,” wrote David Brearley. This was after the artist issued a call out to Australians during Covid lockdown to get naked for his digital platform project Stay Apart Together.

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