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    OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Reacts To Losing Time’s Person Of The Year Title To Taylor Swift

    This year has been generous to Taylor Swift. From the success of Eras Tour to a soulful relationship with Travis Kelce and an overflowing bank balance, Swift is at the top of her game. Moreover, the Grammy singer has been named Time’s Person of The Year.

    Sam Altman, founder and CEO of OpenAI, was also considered one of the frontrunners for Time’s Person of the Year, but he lost to Taylor Swift. Now he has admitted he is relieved about the outcome.

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    Sam Altman Is Happy About Taylor Swift’s Win Over Him

    Sam Altman
    Sam Altman

    Sam Altman is a name that made the headlines last year after the release of ChatGPT. The CEO of OpenAI became a central figure in the tech world and a household name after engaging with several world leaders to discuss the future of AI. However, the CEO lost to Taylor Swift for Time‘s top accolade.

    However, Sam Altman was named Time’s CEO of the Year. In an interview on Trevor Noah’s podcast ‘What Now?‘ Sam Altman said he “was thrilled” at losing out on Time’s Person of the Year accolade to Taylor Swift. The CEO of OpenAI also added he was “pleased to be out of the spotlight for once” and is genuinely “happy” for the ‘Enchanted’ singer. 

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    Sam Altman Being Fired Caused A Wildfire Reaction

    Sam Altman
    Sam Altman

    The CEO might not have had a smooth year-end, as he was under intense scrutiny since his dramatic ousting from OpenAI last month. Sam Altman was fired which shocked the board as well, which made him briefly shift to Microsoft. However, this did not end well at OpenAI, as the employees threatened to quit unless Altman was reinstated.

    Altman also told Noah Trevor during the podcast, “I’ve had more attention this year than I would have liked to have in my entire life. Thrilled to not get that.” He said the attention he’d received over the past year had been fun in some ways but difficult for his personal life. He said he was often “recognized in public and never got to be anonymous anymore.”

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