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    “Scandalous!” Harry Styles Blushes As A Fan Dreamily Flirts With Him During Love On Tour

    Harry Styles‘ concerts are one of the most memorable experiences for his fans! He has the gift of the gab as a performer and has the ability to keep the attendees engaged in various ways. Currently, he is on ‘Love on Tour,’ promoting his two albums, ‘Fine Line’ and ‘Harry’s House.’ The tour has proven a blessing for Harry, as he has created and broken many records while on the tour.

    Harry won the Grammy for ‘Album of the Year’ for his third solo album, ‘Harry’s House.’ Before that, he created history at Madison Square Garden by being the third artist to have a banner unfurled. He also created history by becoming the only artist to have sold the Edinburgh Murrayfield in Scotland. But the adorable highlights from the concerts top everything! After doing a gender reveal for a woman in London, Styles had an aww-worthy conversation with a female fan who proposed to him.

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    A Fan Shoots Her Shot At Harry Styles In Belgium

    Harry Styles turned red blushing when a fan named Lorraine proposed him
    Harry Styles turned red blushing when a fan named Lorraine proposed him

    Harry Styles will be performing a few shows before signing off from the ‘Love on Tour’ that he has been on since 2021. During the stop in Belgium at the Festival Park Werchter, Harry Styles indulged in a cheeky conversation with a fan named Lorraine, who slyly proposed to Styles. The artist wore his signature, colorful blue vest with metallic green trousers.

    Harry Styles started fan interaction during the concert, and lucky Lorraine was chosen for the conversation. After asking her name, Styles asked the crowd to give her a shout-out. He asked her whether it was her birthday today. The ‘Fine Line’ singer asked, “Is your birthday today, is it?” making a confused face. He asked her how old she was. Harry continued, “How old are you turning? 27?”

    Harry Styles then asked the woman how her 26 was and if she had any dreams or goals for her 27. When Lorraine said that her dream was Harry, he got all red and blushed. He turned his face around, walked around the stage, and said, “Scandalous Lorraine!”

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    The Artist Helped A Woman To Reveal The Gender Of Her Baby

    Harry Styles revealed baby's gender of a pregnant woman at the Wembley Stadium
    Harry Styles revealed baby’s gender of a pregnant woman at the Wembley Stadium

    If anything, the fans will remember the fan interactions that took place during the ‘Love on Tour’ concert. From helping a girl break up with her boyfriend to a boy proposing to his girlfriend, Harry helped fans create special moments. In one such instance, Styles helped a woman reveal the gender of her baby at Wembley Stadium in London.

    Harry Styles saw a pregnant lady holding a black balloon and a placard, asking whether he could help her reveal her baby’s gender. He gets hold of the black balloon with ‘Boy or Girl?’ written over it. He shouts to the audience, saying, “I don’t know if I am ready!” When he pops the balloon, pink confetti falls from it, revealing that it is a baby girl!

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