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‘Stranger Things’ Star Sadie Sink Looks Hot In Deep-Cleavage White Dress

At 21, Sadie Sink has made quite a career for herself. One of the most notable young actors out there, Sadie has already made a name for herself in the industry as one of its finest.


The ‘Stranger Things’ star recently attended a beauty dinner during the 80th Venice International Film Festival in Venice, Italy, and looked absolutely stunning. Here’s what she wore and why everyone is absolutely obsessed with her new pictures.

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Sadie Sink Stuns In New Photos

Sadie Sink
Sadie Sink

Going to the Venice Film Festival in Italy, Sadie wore a gorgeous white gown with spaghetti-thin straps and showed off some cleavage. With her hair down, the actress looked absolutely stunning. The outfit was paired with another gorgeous addition—a white blazer—and Sadie pulled it all off too well. She topped it off with minimal makeup and, of course, her signature freckles.

Fans have reacted to the pictures and can’t seem to stop talking about them.


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What Is Sadie Sink’s Approach To Beauty?

Sadie Sink

Speaking to Elle about her fashion and beauty choices, Sadie spoke about the route she takes when it comes to beauty.

She said, “It’s always been very minimal; I never really got into make-up when I was younger and now I keep it very simple, easy, sometimes nothing at all. The idea of doing a big look and making a statement is kind of scary to me.”


She also revealed that her freckles make her feel more confident. “I like looking like myself, the Sadie I see in the mirror every day—that’s when I feel the most confident. Let the freckles show, that’s always the most important.”

Who does Sadie Sink look up to? Well, she confessed that she looks up to fellow redheads Emma Stone and Julianne Moore, saying: “I definitely look to a lot of other redheads when I’m thinking about beauty looks to try because I have similar coloring. Julianne Moore is one, Emma Stone… I definitely look to them for inspiration a lot.”

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