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    The Identity Of TV P***ophile Who Went Viral For His Inappropriate Gesture With A Young Boy At Snooker Championship Revealed

    During the 2024 Snooker Championship, a very disturbing incident went viral on social media. A middle-aged man was biting a young kid’s ear in the crowd while watching the Snooker Championship.

    During the event, Stephen Hendry, seven-time World champion, was providing analysis on BBC. While he was analyzing the game, fans saw a man behind him nibbling the left earlobe of a boy. As soon he noticed the camera was on him, both the kid and the man waved at the camera.

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    Paedophile From Snooker Championship Identified as 42-Year-Old Man Stefano Voci

    Paedophile Stefano Voci
    Stefano Voci (Image via FirstCuriousity)

    Matt Wallace, a popular DogeCoin influencer, recently unveiled the identity of the viral pedophile. The man caught grooming the young kid on national TV was identified as Stefano Voci.

    He is an Italian 42-year-old man who traveled all the way from Italy to the UK to watch the Snooker Championship. Wallace gave credit for finding this man to LUVV Inc. and applauded them for investigating the issue.

    The World Snooker Championship’s spokesperson talked about the incident and has revealed that police are looking into this matter.

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    Stefano Voci Deletes His Facebook Account Containing Bizzare Posts

    Facebook Stefano Voci
    Stefano Voci’s Facebook account (Image via FirstCuriousity)

    As soon as Stefano Voci’s identity went viral on social media, people started raiding his Facebook account. They found some of the bizarre and weirdest posts.

    He had shared images of trees and other objects in the shape of male genitalia. One video post he shared was captioned “VM 14 anni”, which is Italian for “at 14 Years’. The video, like his other post, had objects in share of male genitalia.

    Voci has now disabled his Facebook account to prevent people from further digging into his account. People all over social media are demanding strict action against him.

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