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    Tom Cruise’s Unreleased ‘Spider-Man’ That Threatened Tobey Maguire’s Career Was Cancelled Due To A Bizarre Reason

    Remember the Tobey Maguire ‘Spider-Man trilogy that dominated the early 2000s? It turns out, things could have been wildly different. Recently unearthed details reveal a long-forgotten script featuring Tom Cruise as the web-slinging hero. 

    It was a project so bizarre it nearly derailed Maguire‘s chance to become the iconic Peter Parker. Thankfully, for Spidey fans everywhere, the project was ultimately shelved for a rather peculiar reason.

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    Tom Cruise Was Almost The Lead For An Action-Packed Version Of ‘Spider-Man’

    Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man and Tom Cruise
    Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise, fresh off the success of ‘Top Gun,’ was a Hollywood hotshot. Cannon Films, a production company known for its high-octane action flicks, was developing a ‘Spider-Man’ movie, and their leading man of choice? Tom Cruise. The idea, to put it mildly, was unconventional.

    Cruise, known for his bravado and action hero persona, seemed like an odd fit for Peter Parker. The script, penned by James Cameron collaborators John Brancato and Michael Ferris, reportedly leaned heavily on action sequences and special effects. Which is a far cry from the coming-of-age story that eventually captured audiences’ hearts.

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    Why The Tom Cruise Spider-Man Never Came To Be

    Spider-Man and Tom Cruise
    Spider-Man and Tom Cruise

    Thankfully, this alternate reality Spider-Man never came to be. The script, according to director Joseph Zito, “didn’t have the emotional connection” needed for a successful superhero film. In a move that likely saved the project from becoming a colossal flop, Zito decided to scrap the Cruise version entirely.

    This decision also paved the way for Tobey Maguire. The rest, as they say, is history. The Maguire-led ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy became a huge box office hit. The story of Tom Cruise’s almost-Spider-Man is a fascinating glimpse into what could have been.

    Ultimately, the decision to scrap the Cruise version of ‘Spider-Man’ proved to be a wise one, allowing Tobey Maguire to shine and giving us the iconic Spider-Man story we know and love.

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