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    Transformers: Is Unicron A Decepticon Or Autobot?

    Science fiction films have sometimes worked at the box office and sometimes they have failed for several reasons. The last few years have witnessed the release of several sci-fi films and ‘Transformers’ is one of them.

    ‘Transformers’ is one of those franchises that is still struggling to improve its critical reception. While the fifth installment, ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’, turned out to be a box office bomb, the spin-off titled ‘Bumblebee’ turned out to be a success. The franchise has introduced many characters, including Unicron.

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    Is Unicron A Decepticon Or An Autobot?

    Unicron is one of the Decepticons

    To clarify everyone, let’s start by saying that Unicron is a Decepticon. He has gained recognition for being called the Lord of Chaos, Chaos Bringer, and the Planet Eater. Overall, he likes to bring destruction to the universe.

    His massive size is a result of his habit to consume planets, moons, and stars. He will be at peace only after ending the creation boasting independence present in his surroundings. He can travel to different realities and has the features of a virus or plaque that can transport to other places but he does not emerge victorious every time.

    Unicron was a threat to all of the existence and all the versions of Unicron are restricted to their dimensions. However, he also has a weakness which is the essence of Primus that can be found inside the Matrix of Leadership. When he strikes a deal with someone else, he promises them the best powers in exchange for their services.

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    ‘Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts’ Is The Latest Hard Hitter In The Franchise

    ‘Transformer: Rise of the Beasts’ is scheduled to be released on June 9, 2023

    ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts’ is the latest in the ‘Transformers’ franchise. Directed by Steven Caple Jr. and produced on a budget of $200 million, the film was released on June 9, 2023. Rise of Beasts earned a decent $428 million at the box office and has a rating of 6.2 on IMDb.

    The film was confirmed to be in development in 2019. Michael Bay decided to return as the producer. The production process started in June 2021 with filming taking place in different places including Peru. The lead human characters are portrayed by Anthony Ramos, Dominique Fishback, Lauren Velez, and Tobe Nwigwe. 

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