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    “Was Never Told Or Asked About Sequels”: Ridley Scott Regrets Not Directing Sequels Of His Oscar-Winning Films

    Ridley Scott is an iconic filmmaker who has given Hollywood some excellent films including Oscar winning movies like ‘Alien 1979‘, ‘Gladiator I and II’, ‘Blade Runner‘ among others.

    Despite his success, the director feels guilty about not doing enough in some of his movies including ‘Aliens’ and ‘Blade Runner’. Scott was new in Hollywood and therefore did not get a chance to direct the sequel to ‘Blade Runner’. Here’s what he said about it and other regrets.

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    Ridley Scott Still Regrets This One Decision He Made During His film Directing Career

    Ridley Scott

    In an interview with Vanity Fair, director Ridley Scott revealed that despite his success with the initial films, he was never approached to direct sequels of ‘Alien’ or ‘Blade Runner’. In fact, he wasn’t even informed about the development of the films.

    “I was slow out the starting gate,” Scott said. “I mean, I should have done the sequels to ‘Alien’ and to ‘Blade Runner.’ You change over the years. At that time, I didn’t want to go through it again. So Jim Cameron came in—and then David Fincher—on ‘Alien’,” he added.

    Moreover, Scott also made headlines last summer for letting Denis Villeneuve take over ‘Blade Runner 2049′, the sequel to his first ‘Blade Runner’. But he also agreed that the filmmaker did a “great job” directing the movie, although he’s “regretful” of his decision.

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    “I Shouldn’t Have Had To Make That Decision”: Ridley Scott On Having A Choice Between ‘Alien’ And ‘Blade Runner

    Ridley Scott

    Ridley Scott expressed his regrets for not making the right decision while choosing between ‘Alien‘ and ‘Blade Runner’. He opted for the ‘Alien‘ sequel ‘Alien: Covenant‘ instead of agreeing to do ‘Blade Runner 2049′. “I shouldn’t have had to make that decision. But I had to,” the director said.

    “I’m the author of two franchises. Most directors in Hollywood — certainly, let’s say, at my level — don’t let that stuff go. But I did ‘Alien’ as my second movie, so I didn’t have much choice,” he added, further noting that ‘Blade Runner’ was his third movie.

    So, I had no choice because I had very tough partners. It was kind of ‘Welcome to Hollywood.’ I was never told or asked [about sequels]. You can imagine I wasn’t happy,” he continued.

    But Scott made sure that he didn’t repeat the same mistake when it came to his 2000 film ‘Gladiator’, which even won an Oscar for Best Picture. He’s now the man behind the camera for the long-awaited ‘Gladiator II’ which is hitting theatres on 22 November.

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