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    “Unless I’m Broke”: ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Actor Viggo Mortensen Lays Down Conditions For His Return As Aragorn In ‘The Hunt For Gollum’

    Viggo Mortensen was loved by many as Aragorn in Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings’ trilogy. Though it proved to be one of the most significant decisions of his career, he is not so keen on playing it again in the future films of the franchise.

    Whether or not Viggo returns to the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ depends on the script of the next project and also the money in his account; if he gets broke. Here’s what the actor said about his prospects for working in the future films of the franchise.

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    Viggo Mortensen Gives A Condition To Return To ‘Lord Of The Rings’

    Viggo Mortensen

    Viggo Mortensen has the possibility of returning to the ‘Lord Of The Rings‘ franchise for the ‘Hunt For Gollum‘, but only if certain conditions he puts forth are fulfilled. During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor shared the uncertainty he feels about returning to the show. However, an interesting script is what might convince him of going ahead with it.

    “I haven’t read a script. So I don’t know. The script is the most important thing to me unless I’m broke, I have no money and I’m lucky to get any job. So it depends,” Mortensen said during the interview.

    This is not the first time that he has talked about his return to the franchise. While talking with GQ in May, the actor said that he’s not taking on the role of Aragorn for “silly” reasons, though he clarified that he also loves playing the role.

    “I don’t know exactly what the story is, I haven’t heard. I would only do it if I was right for it in terms of, you know, the age I am now and so forth. I would only do it if I was right for the character. It would be silly to do it otherwise,” he told earlier.

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    Viggo Mortensen Says He Enjoyed Playing Aragorn

    Lord Of The Rings

    Creators of the ‘Lord Of The Rings‘ recently surprised fans with announcement of the new film ‘The Hunt For Gollum in the franchise. Viggo Mortensen is all set to reprise his role in the new film.

    Aragorn was a ranger of the North and also the heir of Isildur, an ancient King of Arnor and Gondor. The character has a large fan following and Viggo Mortensen’s return could be news of great joy for the fans.

    The actor himself revealed how much he enjoys playing the role of Aragorn. During an interview on The Jess Cagle Show, he said, “It’d be great to revisit that universe. But I don’t know how that would happen exactly. Of course I’m open to it” while promoting his movie ‘The Dead Don’t Hurt’.

    Furthermore, Mortensen also revealed that he’s still in contact with some of his co-stars. He added, “I think the other guys, which are much more social media savvy than I am, they may have more things, and I know they go to conventions and do lots of things involved in that universe, but we stay in touch.”

    If the actor agrees to take up the role, it would be a delight to watch him return to the screens. As far as the release and the shooting of the movie are concerned, the anticipated release date could be around the year 2026, though many details have not yet been revealed.

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