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    Watch: ‘Modern Family’ Star Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Recreates One Of The Most Savage Comeback Scenes From The Series

    For 11 successful seasons, the audience watched ‘Modern Family’ as the Dunphy-Pritchett clan navigated his ups and downs in the most loved sitcom of many. The show is warm, comforting, and is a perfect dose of dopamine.

    Though the show ended in 2020, the cast remains close, to date. The cutest duo of Jesse and all-grown-up Aubrey is back with a TikTok video. The video is taken from one of the iconic Lily comebacks from the series. Here’s a look at the video.

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    Aubrey And Jesse Recreates Iconic Modern Family Scenes

    Cast of Modern Family
    Cast of Modern Family

    The video is shared by Aubrey Anderson on her official TikTok account. The video started with Jesse saying “Hey!” to Aubrey and her replying with the same energy. Jesse proceeds to tell Aubrey, “Sorry you couldn’t come to the weeding, it was no kids”, to which Aubrey replies “It’s okay, I’ll come to your next one”.

    The iconic scene originally takes place between Lily( Aubrey Anderson-Emmons ) and Sal ( Elizabeth Banks) in the show. The key rivalry between both of them is like an adult kid fighting with a small adult. They both had little arguments going on in the show, which made them a dynamic duo.

    Aubrey and Jesse share a great bond. Even after the discontinuation of the show, they still meet each other. Earlier, Jesse attended Aubrey’s school play as well.

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    Fans Share Their Reaction To The Video And They Want The Cast Back

    Young Lily from the show
    Young Lily from the show

    Fans had the cutest reaction to the video posted by Aubrey. Many memories from the show came back and some even wanted the cast to re-unite for another sitcom. It feels good to see the cast still bonding with each other and giving nostalgia to the audience.

    Here are some reactions from the people on X (Twitter).

    As some people want their favorite sitcom back, there are no updates regarding season 12 of the show. And there are no future possibilities as well for the show to come back. Though there could be a reunion episode, which isn’t confirmed either.

    You can watch all the 11 seasons of ‘Modern Family’ on Prime Video.

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