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    ‘Modern Family’ Cast Reunites At 2024 SAG Awards, Touches Upon The Idea Of A Spin-Off

    Modern Family‘ has become an innate part of many families across the globe. Even after its conclusion in 2020, the show has managed to garner many fans and continues to be one of the most iconic sitcoms ever made. The beloved Dunphy-Pritchett family from ‘Modern Family’ is a fan-favorite and the audience always look forward to a reunion.

    So 2024 SAG Awards came as a delightful nigh for ‘Modern Family’ fans as the cast of the show united on stage. The cast promptly brought back memories of the iconic sitcom that entertained audiences for 11 seasons from 2009 to 2020. The reunion included cast members Julie Bowen, Ed O’Neill, Sofía Vergara, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson on stage to present the Ensemble in a Comedy Award to the cast of FX’s ‘The Bear’.

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    “You guys ever miss it?”: ‘Modern Family’ Cast Members Reminisce The Old Days

    'Modern Family' cast (Credit: Getty)
    ‘Modern Family’ cast (Credit: Getty)

    As the cast members of ‘Modern Family‘ gathered on stage, Ed O’Neill — who plays the character of Jay Pritchett on the show — couldn’t help but reminisce the old times. “This really, this really [is] bringing back memories. You guys ever miss it?” O’Neill asked his former costars after they gathered on the SAG stage to present the award.

    Oh, hell yeah, but of course we had a great time, 11 seasons, 250 episodes…” replied his on-screen daughter Julie Bowen, before she got distracted by ‘Barbie’ Ryan Gosling. “Come on. It’s Ryan Gosling,” she said, before recovering. “I’m sorry… 250 episodes, it never happens.”

    It’s happened twice to me,” O’Neill said, who starred as Al Bundy on the 1987-97 Fox comedy ‘Married…With Children’. O’Neill’s ‘Modern Family’ wife, Sofia Vergara chimed in with the mention of her Netflix show ‘Griselda’.

    Vergara noted that the drug lord she plays, Griselda Blanco, is “already number one in 90 countries.” “Okay yeah, Jesse pay up—I told you she’d mention in the first 10 seconds,” joked Eric Stonestreet.

    Jesse Tyler Ferguson then admitted he sometimes gets “a little nostalgic for the golden days. You know, it’s been a life after a big hit show, it can be nice too, right?”I didn’t want to get emotional up here,” O’Neill said, “but you know what I miss about it most of all?”

    Going to work every day,” Burrell said on his behalf. “The money,” O’Neill said, drawing a laughter from the audience.

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    Jesse Tyler Ferguson Brings Up ‘Modern Family’ Spin-off

    'Modern Family' cast (Credit: Getty)
    ‘Modern Family’ cast (Credit: Getty)

    The cast also touched upon a topic that fans are eagerly waiting to get some updates on. “Is it too early to talk about a reboot?” Ferguson asked. “They made me park a mile away from here,” he added as a joke.

    This is not the first time that the actor — who plays Mitchel Pritchett on the show — mentioned a spin-off of the show. In 2022, Ferguson mentioned a script for a spin-off, but ABC eventually scrapped the project according to reports .

    So there are no solid talks of a ‘Modern Family‘ spin-off as of now, but the reunion on the SAG stage along with a dash of their signature humor was a refreshing surprise for the show’s fans. The 30th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, that were concluded this Sunday, can be streamed on Netflix.

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