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    Why Big Stars Don’t Want To Perform At King Charles’ Coronation?

    All the preparation for King Charles III’s coronation have begun and the members of the Royal family are engaged to make it a successful event to cover up the recent PR disaster. Ever since the Queen’s death and the release of the ‘Meghan and Harry‘ documentary, the Royal Family has been the hot topic for every newspaper and every magazine.

    With many disappointing revelations about the Royal Family from the docu-series and the memoir ‘Spare‘, the crowd worldwide has lost respect for the Royal Family. Drama seems to be a daily activity for the Royal members, from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle withdrawing their royal duties, to the famous 2021 Oprah interview with Megan and Charles evicting the couple from Frogmore Cottage. Now Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are yet to be invited to Charles’s Coronation, which will happen on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.

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    Big Stars Are Turning Down The Opportunity To Perform At King Charles’ Coronation

    Stars like Harry Styles and Adele denied performing at King Charles's Coronation
    Stars like Harry Styles and Adele denied performing at King Charles’s Coronation

    Well, it seems like the artist and big stars are also tired of the Royal drama and is trying to stay away from the Royal Family to avoid bad press. Artists including Harry Styles, Adele, and  Elton John have reportedly turned down an opportunity to perform at King Charles III’s upcoming coronation on May 6, 2023. Although many artists declined to explain the reason behind turning down the opportunity, John reportedly declined the offer due to scheduling issues.

    It is speculated by experts that, the artist is turning down the opportunity because of the Royal Family’s association with the scandal-scarred monarchy. Meanwhile, other artists feel that lining up with King Charles might not benefit their careers. Simon Jones, the publicist for Niall Horan, Little Mix, and Louis Tomlinson told Rolling stone, “The royal family has faced a number of PR disasters in recent times, and anyone performing at the show would have to consider whether there would be a backlash from appearing amongst their fans”.

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    Which Scandal Led Artists To Reject The Royals?

    King Charles and Prince Andrew
    King Charles and Prince Andrew

    Just inheriting the Nation’s throne will do no good for King Charles, as he fails to maintain a good PR, and seemed to drive away the artist due to the Royal scandals. Prince Andrew’s tie to Jeffrey Epstein and an alleged sexual relationship with one of Epstein’s victims are still fresh on people’s minds along with the bland and disastrous 2019 BBC Newsnight interview on those claims. Although Andrew was asked to step back from his royal duties, he was still engaged in family gatherings. And more surprisingly, he was been invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s former home – the Frogmore Cottage, from where the couple was evicted from.

    Meghan Markle further added, “I don’t know what artists have to gain by working with him, with the Queen, she was fabulous and glamorous to some people. Charles isn’t adding anything – there’s no legacy from him that anyone would want to join. It’s televised, so a lot of people will hear your songs, sure, but in terms of long-term PR strategy, I don’t know if an appearance would make a positive contribution to an artist’s story unless they were decided to the monarchy.” Seems like King Charles will have to keep his Spotify playlist ready for the Coronation.

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