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    YouTuber Mr. Beast Says He Would Like To Run For Presidential Elections, But There’s One Thing Stopping Him

    USA-based Youtuber Mr. Beast is having the time of his career as he continues to grow popular at an unprecedented rate. His popularity all over the globe has shot up significantly for his crazy survival videos, charitable acts, and whatnot.

    Mr. Beast is also the current richest YouTuber in the world. With a massive fanbase with immense love for him, the YouTuber believes he has a shot at contesting the presidential elections this year. But there’s one thing stopping him from doing so.

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    Is Mr. Beast Running For Presidential Elections?

    Mr. Beast

    Mr. Beast is just 26 years old and the minimum age to run for the presidential election is 35, which happens to be the only reason why the YouTuber does not have a shot at being the President of the United States.

    The creator expressed his desire through a post on X on Saturday, and it took no time for the post to go viral on social media. It garnered a whopping 5.4 million views in a matter of just a few hours. “If we lower the age to run for president I’ll jump in the race,” he wrote in the caption of the video.

    Without a doubt, Mr. Beast is among the most influential people in the world right now. He also became the most subscribed YouTuber in June 2024, with a massive fanbase of 425 million people from all over the world on social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. If at all he contests the presidential elections, he would definitely have some support if not a lot.

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    Fans Have Mixed Reactions To Mr. Beast’s Idea Of Contesting The Presidential Elections

    Richest YouTuber in the world

    Over the years as he climbed the ladder of success, Mr. Beast has often credited his fans for his success. He believes he has earned it from the people who love and support him, and he tries to return some part of it to them.

    After the video posted on X, people gave him mixed reactions. While some of his fans truly supported him for the idea of contesting Presidential elections, some others feel he won’t be the right for a position with such huge responsibility. Here are a few of the fan reactions:

    Mr. Beast’s content grew considerably after his major charitable contributions to the country. Some people think that he would continue to do the similar kind of charity in a position of better power such as the President. Whereas some others believe that he should stick to what he knows best – making videos.

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