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    MrBeast In Talks For A Huge $100 Million Deal With Prime Video For New A Show

    Jimmy Donaldson better known as MrBeast is a widely sensational internet personality with 234 million subscribers on YouTube. He primarily is a content creator on the video surfing service YouTube, in addition to occasionally being a philanthropist and change maker.

    After living in prison for 50 hours, doing $1 and $1 million hotel comparisons, breaking a few world records, and other extravagant and bizarre stunts, Jimmy is venturing into a new direction. He has reportedly signed a deal with Prime Video.

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    What Is MrBeast And Amazon Prime’s $100 Million Deal About?

    Mr Beast

    When MrBeast is involved things are sure to be over the top. And in this never heard of before deal he proves his reputation. Puck News reports, “When his team took the show out to the streamers last week, it made sense that Amazon’s Jen Salke, who is looking for more populist entertainment, emerged victorious. One source pegs the deal, if it closes, at nearly $100 million, though that’s not confirmed. (Amazon declined to comment).”

    Newsletter writer, Matthew Belloni elaborates that it’ll be a competition show of some form (‘Squid Game‘ flashbacks anyone?). The details however aren’t out, in what form or condition will the competition be isn’t clear as of yet. What is confirmed is that the first episode will stream on YouTube first.

    It also remains unclear whether the rest of the episodes will stream on YouTube too. Or is the first episode stream just a tactic to leverage Prime Video’s membership counts?

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    MrBeast’s Expanding Ventures

    Mr Beast and his ventures
    MrBeast and his ventures

    As other YouTube creators have started exploring beyond their traditional means of income, MrBeast has also dabbled in additional directions prior to this Prime deal. He has merchandise that sells hoodies, T-shirts, and others of sorts. He also has opened up Beast Burgers chains and introduced Feastables, chocolate bars.

    He has even made his acting debut through cameos in movies including, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem’, ‘Under the Boardwalk‘, and ‘Migration‘.

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