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    “He’s Sharp As A Tack”: Michael Douglas Believes Joe Biden Is Not Too Old For A Second Term And Takes A Shot At Donald Trump

    In an unexpected turn, seasoned actor Michael Douglas weighs in on the debate around President Joe Biden being too old for a second term. As someone who shares a similar age bracket with Biden, Douglas brings a personal touch to the conversation.

    Additionally, his words carry the weight of experience and empathy which was pretty clear in his interview. While Joe Biden seems to not be as sharp as he was back in the day, Douglas Believes that he is fine and dandy for a second presidential term. A lot of other celebrities like Dwayne Johnson are also talking about regretting endorsing Biden.

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    Michael Douglas Vouches For Joe Biden 

    Joe Biden (Left) and Michael Douglas(Right)
    Joe Biden (Left) and Michael Douglas(Right)

    While talking to CNN Politics the veteran actor talked about his opinion on the current US President. He jokingly compared his walking to Biden’s. “I think I walk a little similar to him,” he said. This might be true as Douglas is 79 years old while Biden is 81.

    He also addressed the constant debate about Joe being too old due to his stuttering, forgetfulness, and behavior. He claimed that the people he talks to believe that Biden is as sharp as ever. 

    And the people that I’ve talked to and everybody that I have, say he’s sharp as a tack. He’s fine. We all have an issue with memories as we get older, we forget names. He’s overcome a stutter in his life,” Douglas explained.

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    Michael Douglas Throws Jabs At Donald Trump

    Donald Trump and Michael Douglas
    Donald Trump and Michael Douglas

    Whether it’s for his brash demeanor, unfiltered rhetoric, or controversies Donald Trump is like a lightning rod for constant scrutiny. Michael Douglas is also a part of the Trump-hating bandwagon. In the same interview with CNN, Michael was quick to throw slight jabs at Trump.

    At first, he talked about how Joe is liked by his Cabinet, unlike Trump whom he referred to as the ‘other candidate.But let’s just say that his entire Cabinet, including his vice president, everybody in his Cabinet would be more than happy to work with him again in the next term. I cannot say that about the other candidate running because nobody in his Cabinet from 2016 wants to be involved with him,” he said.

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